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Achieve Profitability with Scalable Workspaces

Running a business is expensive. Commercial real estate costs are rising and leases are long. For growing companies like yours, it’s better to put your profit back into your business instead of paying overhead costs you don’t need. So if you’re a small-but-growing...

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3 Signs Your Culture is Failing to Inspire

You can tell a lot about a company by its speech and interactions. Lively, social cultures empower team members, encouraging them to think outside of the box. Strict, corporate cultures prefer sticking to what used to work (even if it doesn’t anymore). Where does your...

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How DiSC Can Give Your Team New Confidence

The boldness, confidence, and optimism of your team come from a lot of places. But one, often overlooked source of confidence comes in how and what you choose to communicate to them. Let’s talk about how a personality profile can help make your team more confident....

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Top 5 Coworking Myths You Can Reject

What excuses do you have for not working in a coworking space? Too many people? Too distracting? Doesn’t fit with your line of work? There are a lot of excuses out there, and we’re here to debunk the top 5 myths that a coworking space won’t work. It’s time to get out...

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Work(out) Your Way to Productivity

You expect an office to be equipped with desks, chairs, printers, coffee, and reliable wifi. They’re required to get work done. As Millennials begin to take over the workforce, it takes more than just the essentials—perks are required. The once dreaded office must now...

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Focused Action Begins with Vision

“Our vision is to inspire others and change the world for the better.” Unattainable goals. Vague terms. Broad scope. Everyone wants to inspire others and change the world, but such a vision statement will leave the work to get there fuzzy, scattered, and unsatisfying....

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Measurement Transforms Teams

Without measurement, distraction can steal time, attention and resources. The right kinds of measurement can activate employees, giving them clear direction for growth and potentially changing the organization. Without Measurement, People Get Confused You don’t want...

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What Amenities Does Your Makerspace Need?

Makerspaces (we call them co-manufacturing spaces) are locations where companies share physical workspace as they produce and manufacture tangible goods. They aren’t your typical coworking spaces. Makerspaces need more than standard office equipment such as a desk,...

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How Trust Fuels Initiative

Employee initiative benefits everyone. If you choose to give trust to your employees, your employees will pay you back in initiative, and they’ll do it with interest. Let’s talk about the relationship between trust and initiative and how to make it work. Think for a...

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