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5 Cost-Saving Ways to Operate Your Startup

Bills are the worst.  Growing a business is extremely expensive – there are fixed costs you just can’t avoid. Payroll, taxes, technology, and tools are all required costs of business. All these pennies quickly add up month-over-month and the balance of cash burn...

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How Conflict Synchronizes Your Team

Not all conflict is bad. Don’t get me wrong...It can suck. But after the storm is over, it can bring about better things for your business. What conflict have you dealt with recently? That sigh you just let out, or that knot in your stomach when you think of it, means...

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Measure Performance the EOS Way

How often do you dive into work without prioritizing and establishing measurements for your progress? When you’re managing a heavy workload, and it just needs to get done, it can be tempting to put your head down and just start getting after it. But are you really...

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3 Ways to Get Unstuck in a Coworking Space

Falling into a rut at work is inevitable. Your mind is elsewhere, you can’t think straight and it's affecting your work. Can you really afford to write off a day because you’re not feeling up to it? Perhaps you have a new baby keeping you up at night, the weather is...

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Assessments to Level Up Your Team

Putting the right people in the right seats can seem like an exercise in vagueness with employees come in all shapes, sizes and...cognitive styles. But you don’t have to be a psychologist to find success. Understanding an employee’s DiSC profile can give you the head...

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5 Ways to Use Co-manufacturing Spaces

Building products out of your garage can be a messy process. It takes up space, you have to keep your kids out of it, the neighbors may not like it, and your spouse may even get annoyed. But these days, comanufacturing spaces aren’t that hard to find. And they could...

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