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MAC6 is a rapidly growing community of local, national and global Community Members, Business Resources and Partners operating with aligned values and interests.

Community Resources

Community Resources include both local Community Members and a growing list of external Community Partners holding meetings and events and other opportunities to engage and support MAC6 Community Members. Examples include:

Where Purpose and profit align

MAC6 is a Gold Sponsor of CCAZ, and regular meetings and learning opportunities are held at the MAC6 Campus.

Where Entrepreneurs Align

Eliances hosts weekly meetings held each Tuesday morning at MACBroadway.


Advocacy, Connection, Visibility

MAC6 is an active partner with the Tempe Chamber, and regular meetings and events are held at the MAC6 campus.

Achieve Success Through Your People

TTI Success Insights Assessments are incorporated in the MAC6 Academy Leadership Programs.

Get a Grip on Your Business with the Entrepreneurial Operating System

MAC6 Academy programs offered to community members range from full to self-implementation assistance.

People-Focused Leadership Programs

MAC6 offers a diverse array of programs ranging from health and wellness, personal productivity, high-performing teams, strategic planning and CEO roundtables.

Amplifying the Voice of Business

Business RadioX Phoenix hosts regular shows live from the MAC6 campus.

Think Fit, Get Fit, Stay Fit

The Mind & Body Strengthening 24×7 gym, and personal trainer Scott Marsh (3 days per week) are available to community members without additional charge.

Community Partners

Community Partners are local, national and global membership, service and business associations and nonprofit enterprises supported or partnered with MAC6 as we expand our efforts to build thriving community in Tempe and beyond.  Many of these Community Partners are available to partner with or provide additional support to MAC6 Community Members.  Examples include:

Community Members

The local MAC6 Community is a rapidly growing array of entrepreneurial startup, professional services, and enterprise businesses operating from one of our coworking or private office suite spaces.

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