our team

Here to Serve You

We are diligent students who strive to bring extraordinary value to every table. Combining diverse backgrounds from multiple industries and career paths, our team brings equally diverse viewpoints to any challenge. Each one of us understands entrepreneurship and believes in the power of business to do good in the world.

That’s why we love to build better communities where people and businesses thrive!

Kyle McIntosh

President and Creative Excitant

Scott McIntosh

Co-Founder and Angel Entrepreneur

The Team Data

Our people blend complimentary disciplines and diverse backgrounds to provide an unparalleled depth of support. We study and work on our own team with the same tools and dedication as with the teams we work with professionally. To the side, you see a graph, which depicts the behavioral styles of each of our team members, giving us valuable information of how to work effectively and communicate with one another as a high performing team.