About Us

Meet the MAC6 team

Our Story

We are a team of entrepreneurial investors and strategic implementers who bring workspaces, insight, and capital to the table. The time we spend working with leaders who strive for stakeholder engagement brings to life our belief that business is good because it creates value.

We are privileged to identify and grow culture and leadership. We invest in people, not ideas. Our “why” draws on our strongest passions. The most prominent is building better communities where people and businesses thrive. To do this, we help entrepreneurs expand their leadership abilities, sharpen their definition of purpose, and embrace a mission that goes well beyond their own company.

Our processes are proven, our spaces are ready, and both will move the interests of all stakeholders in the same direction. This direction leads to an organization that delivers more than superior financial performance. Because it cares profoundly and makes a meaningful difference.

Together, we can create enduring and meaningful value for all stakeholders.


We’re advocating capitalism as a force for good to elevate humanity and eliminate poverty.

  • WE BELIEVE in free enterprise capitalism as the only socio-economic system ever conceived with the power to lift untold billions from poverty.
  • WE BELIEVE that true capitalism promotes absolute fairness and limitless opportunity for all, fostering self-reliance, freedom, and happiness worldwide.
  • WE BELIEVE that Conscious Capitalism®, a philosophy of capitalism in its most honorable form, is the means to restore society’s faith in the continuing power of capitalism to change the world.

Our Values

These are our guiding principles and what you can expect when you do business with us.

Servant Leadership

Give First – We seek to provide value, first and always in any relationship.
Help Others – We grow others to grow ourselves.
Transparency – We wear our hearts on our sleeves, offering and seeking candor and genuine relationships.
Humility – We seek to learn form everyone around us, acting with humility as we enter into a world of limitless possibilities.


Self-Reliance – We take responsibility, acting with self-reliance to move forward in any situation.
Accountability – We hold ourselves and others accountable and take responsibility for our mutual commitments.
Growth-Oriented – We operate with a growth-oriented mindset at all times, banishing complacency to the sidelines.
Competitive Spirit – We believe in a world of abundance in which true and honest competition fosters innovation, raising all ships.

Love People

Caring – We care about others, about ourselves and about the world in which we live, raising our consciousness to the true expansiveness the world has to offer.
Balance – We believe in whole humans living balanced lives.
Sense of Family – We are a family, act accordingly.
Have Fun – We have fun, otherwise, what’s the point?

Speak Your Mind

Productive Conflict – We value alternative viewpoints, and are not afraid to share our own.
Respect – We offer and demand respect, seeking value in all relationships and life opportunities.
Courage – We speak softly, but with courage when our viewpoint must be heard.
Trust – We trust first, sometimes learning from mistakes, always optimistic in an abundant world.
Vulnerability – We are confident in our imperfection, letting others see our true and genuine selves, exponentially growing ourselves and others in the world.

Always Learning/Always Teaching

Continuous Self Improvement – We are continuous learners, taking it in, and offering it back out.
Intellect – We believe in a world of abundance, open sourcing our intellect and knowledge.
Creativity – We act with a creative mindset, brining new ideas to the world, ripe with opportunity.
Innovative Results – We move mountains and the world to a better existence.

Our History

Since 2011, when we first started MAC6, we have been in business to help businesses and the people within to succeed. Although there have been iterations of our offerings, the one steady thing that has gotten us up out of bed in the morning is our “why:” building better communities where people and businesses thrive. Over the years, we’ve learned A LOT, particularly about what makes successful businesses successful. Inevitably it’s the people. It’s the teams and the culture, working through blood sweat and tears to fulfill a common vision.

At the same time, we know that even the most growth-oriented businesses hit a ceiling at some point in their journey. We provide the collaborative spaces and culture-focused leadership programs that push conscious leaders to conquer the complexities and scale their business.


Our Team

The experience essential for insight, the curiosity essential for discovery. Meet the people who can help you create – and sustain – unprecedented levels of value for all of your stakeholders.

Meet the Team