about MAC6

Where Purpose and Profit Unite

Coworking and Enterprise Space for Growing Businesses


Our Stand

Advocating Capitalism as a Force for Good, MAC6 is Accelerating the shift to Conscious Capitalism (where Purpose and Profit Unite) through Creativity, Collaboration, Community and Change.

Our Purpose (Why we exist)

Building Better Communities Where Purpose and Profit Unite.

Our uniques

Conscious Capitalism

MAC6 and our thriving community embody the tenants of Conscious Capitalism®


MAC6 offers creative real estate solutions including Guaranteed Flexible Community Membership Agreements (aka Leases)


MAC6 offers local, national and global collaboration, networking and connection opportunities


The MAC6 Community of 100+ businesses is far more than the sum of its parts


The on campus MAC6 Leadership Academy helps Leaders, Employees and High Performing Teams break through ceilings to growth

Our values (our culture)

We seek to provide value, first and always in any relationship.

We believe in a world of abundance, in which true and honest competition fosters innovation, raising all ships

We care about others, about ourselves, and about the world in which we live.

We are confident in our imperfection, growing ourselves and others in the world.

We are continuous learners, taking it in, and offering it back out.