Even the most growth-oriented businesses hit a ceiling at some point in their journey.

What's yours?

Not sure you’ve hit one?

Sometimes ceilings are hard to recognize. They typically look like late nights at the office, stressful hires, or crowded work spaces that are killing your bottom line.

In the last six months, how many times have you:

  • asked yourself if your team is really prepared to deal with the growth ahead?
  • hoped and prayed the new hire is a good culture fit?
  • wished for a different workspace – one that accommodates your team?
  • wondered when you’ll start getting what you want out of your business?

“My team and I absolutely loved working from MAC6. It was the perfect community where we felt supported, heard, and taken care of. We truly felt at home.”

– Drena Kusari General Manager, Southwest Region Lyft

In our experience, most ceilings involve one of two things:


The right workspace can make or break your company’s ability to grow and expand. Inflexible, multi-year-long leases don’t account for changes on your team or in your industry. And the leap from Starbucks (or your garage) to a private building can be a big, daunting step for any business. We’ve worked to build flexible, community-centric workspaces that give you a place to collaborate with your team and do good work.

  • Our Tempe coworking space is the perfect place for small businesses or solopreneurs.
  • Our Tempe co-manufacturing space is ideal if your business makes physical products and needs room to produce them.
  • Our commercial space gives you private offices with all the perks of the MAC6 community.

Culture-focused Leadership

Growth always comes with challenges, drama, and incredible risks. As a conscious leader, your company is looking to you to navigate muddy waters and create lasting success. Of course, you shouldn’t have to do it on your own. You need the right tools to build high-performing teams and collectively achieve results. Our culture-focused leadership development programs are designed to help you conquer the complexities.

  • Our Team Development Programs helps you create a values-driven culture and higher-performing teams.
  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (or EOS®) is a framework of processes that creates traction towards your shared vision.
  • TTI’s Role Benchmarking will help you make the right hiring decisions for your team and your culture.

And how would we know about ceilings?

Well, we’ve worked with and studied hundreds of businesses over the years.

As investors, we learned to look for the traits that make businesses successful (and for things we could do to help them break through ceilings). Inevitably, it always came down to the people in the organization.

  • What training did they need?
  • What factors were the biggest players in growth and success?

The bigger question is this: How do you apply quantitative measurements to what (by all outward appearances) is an intangible “X factor” in businesses?

We found tools that could do just that. Tools that could help businesses of all sizes break through their ceilings.

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