In an exciting development, MAC6 has partnered with Heroic to bring the transformative Heroic Self Development Platform to the MAC6 Community of Communities for an entire year, absolutely free. But you might be wondering, why the generous offer and what makes Heroic a game-changer?

Unlocking Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: The Heroic App seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern behavioral science, providing a platform that guides you from theory to practice to mastery. Its mission is clear: help individuals bridge the gap between their potential selves and their current reality, not in the distant future, but today.

Benefits in Just Minutes a Day: The enticing offer of a free year might make you wonder about the time commitment. Fear not! A pilot study conducted with over 1,000 Heroic members revealed that dedicating just three minutes a day for 30 days resulted in impressive self-reported gains. Participants who achieved three or more daily targets experienced an average 40% increase in energy, a 20% boost in productivity, and a 15% improvement in connection.

The Million-Dollar Morning Routine: Scott McIntosh, the Dad at MAC6, shares his personal experience with the Heroic app. At 73 years old, Scott incorporates Heroic into his daily million-dollar morning routine. With a simple click, he recommits to becoming the best version of himself in three crucial areas: Energy, Work, and Love. Throughout the day, a quick swipe and a hit of dopamine accompany the satisfaction of checking off commitments, turning self-improvement into a fulfilling daily journey.

Unexpected Satisfaction: Scott, who initially didn’t feel the need for additional self-development at his age, found himself captivated by Heroic’s potential impact on the MAC6 Community Members who might be seeking positive change. Today, he not only sees the app as a tool for others but has integrated it into his own life, deriving inspiration from Brian Johnson’s daily Heroic+1’s, in just 3 to 4 additional minutes per day.

Get in Touch: If you’re curious to learn more about this groundbreaking partnership and how Heroic can elevate your daily routine, contact Scott McIntosh at Join the MAC6 community in embracing the journey of self-discovery and personal growth with Heroic.