Embracing The Hero’s Code: My Personal Journey

Introduction: I’ve never considered myself a hero, but a recent encounter with Brian Johnson, new friend and founder of the Heroic Platform, has me questioning that perspective. At 73, having experienced both successes and failures, I find myself reflecting on a new chapter in my life. As a co-founder of MAC6 with my son Kyle, my current role is simply “Dad,” a title that brings me immense joy. In this blog post, I’ll share my thoughts on adopting the Hero’s Code, inspired by Admiral William H. McRaven’s book, “The Hero’s Code: Lessons Learned from Lives Well Lived.

The Evolution of My Leadership: Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, which includes growing and exiting a global mining engineering and project management business, I’ve been a leader who makes things happen. Now, with a shift in focus to a less active role in MAC6’s day-to-day operations, I’m entering a new phase of life – becoming the best version of myself, in service to helping others to also become the best they too can be, including of course my kids and grandkids, but also everyone who is part of our extended MAC6 Community of Communities.

Becoming the Best Version of Myself: Embracing my role as a father, grandfather and business leader, I recognize the need to be the best version of myself. To kickstart this transformative journey, I’ve incorporated the Heroic Platform Protocol into my daily routine, focusing on three key areas: Energy, Work, and Love. Much more to come later about that protocol, but for now just know that part of this protocol involves daily reading of a Philosophers Note, distillations of wisdom from life-changing books.

Unveiling The Hero’s Code: This morning, as part of my routine, I delved into Brian’s Philosophers Note on Admiral McRaven’s “The Hero’s Code.” This code, a moral compass, consists of ten core virtues, each with its own commitment. Let me share these virtues and commitments with you, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of incorporating them into our daily lives.

The Hero Code Virtues:

  1. Courage: Taking a step forward in the face of fear.
  2. Humility: Recognizing the limits of intellect, understanding, and power.
  3. Sacrifice: Giving time, talent, and treasure to those in need.
  4. Integrity: Ensuring every decision is moral, legal, and ethical.
  5. Compassion: Being kind and compassionate to others daily.
  6. Perseverance: Never giving up on what’s important.
  7. Duty: Excelling in every job or duty to the best of my ability.
  8. Inspiration: Using unique talents to inspire and instill hope.
  9. Humor: Using humor to comfort others and embracing self-laughter.
  10. Forgiveness: Striving to forgive and emerge as a victor.

In Conclusion: While I hesitate to label myself a hero, I am committed to living each day in alignment with the Hero’s Code. My hope is to inspire others to embark on their hero’s journey, recognizing that anyone can adopt these virtues and become a hero in their own right. As I venture into my new role, I invite you to discover the hero within yourself.

Scott McIntosh, Dad at MAC6 (how cool is that for a title)