Along with the following offerings, you should know that you can shop with confidence, because MAC6 offers flexible leases, meaning you can scale up and down with your business needs. And with offerings from co-working to full commercial space (and co-manufacturing), and space for 1 to 80 employees, where you land really depends on your stage of growth.

Workspace Options

Coworking space in Tempe, AZ


The MAC6 Entrepreneurial Campus offers three unique coworking environments for entrepreneurs, growing businesses and professional service providers.

Shared workspace in Tempe, AZ

Enterprise Solutions

The MAC6 Entrepreneurial Campus includes over 85,000 square feet of traditional and non-traditional private suite spaces for growing and mid-market businesses.


1430 W Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85282 
Private Suites, Offices, Coworking, Virtual Office

1414 W Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85282
Private Suites


941 S Park Ln, Tempe, AZ 85281

Why MAC6?

At MAC6, amenities aren’t vain, community isn’t just a buzzword and flexibility comes with a guarantee.

Growth Programs

Scaling businesses need space to grow, but they also need strong connections on the inside. Those connections include the ability to navigate change and to manage constructive conflict.

MAC6 supports growth by offering programs for individual and organizational growth leading to higher performing teams, engaged employees and higher profits.

Guaranteed Flexibility

MAC6 offers flexible leases, along with a guarantee that if we cannot meet your needs through flexible space for growth, meeting rooms, 24/7 access, etc… that we will let you out of your lease.

But with five different types of spaces, serving solopreneurs to mid-market businesses, we’re set up to accommodate your changing space needs.

conscious capitalism

Healthy organizations share some common beliefs that tie them together. And hopefully, those ideas hold water and do real, actual — not just theoretical — good.

Our spaces, programs and philosophy embody the principles of capitalism, practiced consciously, connecting purpose and profits and giving traction and practicality to the values we hold.

onsite owner-managed

Most coworking spaces are owned by non-local investors. And even owner-managed spaces usually report through several layers of management before getting something in front of the owners.

MAC6 owns our properties and manages them from onsite. This means that each employee attends weekly meetings with the owners, so you’re always only one step away from where decisions get made.