What all is included in your pricing?

All space agreements are full-service. Fiber Internet options. Meeting spaces. Directory board listing. Open parking. 24/7 access. 24/7 Gym with trainer. Nightly Security. Community events. Individual and business growth programs. (many other options/amenities available, depending on your needs.)

Do you provide internet?

Depending on your needs as a business, MAC6 is capable of providing fiber internet through our controlled on site ISP, or otherwise can facilitate your business setting up private fiber service through another provider. Internet is included in all shared spaces.

What is included in each office? Desks, phones, etc…?

This depends on your needs as a business. All shared spaces are furnished with desks and chairs and other furnishing to fit your needs. Some private office suites have furniture options upon request. Phones are not typically provided but are an additional option through our onsite IT partner, upon request.

What is the term of the lease?

MAC6 has flexible terms to fit any business situation. From month to month options in our coworking space to year long agreements in traditional office suites, we guarantee that if we cannot meet your space needs through flexible spaces for growth, that we will let you out of your lease.

What if I only want meeting spaces, or office space but don’t want to pay your prices for additional amenities, community, or programs?

MAC6 offers wholistic Real Estate options for businesses at all stages of growth. It is something different than is predominantly out in the market. We believe that we provide immense value with all of our offerings and are able to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. However, if at some point it still isn’t a fit, we’d be happy to help you find a different space with one of our local friends of MAC6.


What hours am I able to access the workspaces?

Everyone with dedicated space will have 24/7 key or key card access.

Can I bring my own phones, printer, furniture, etc?

Yes. In any of the private offices and office suites we’d love for you to make the space your own. We have options for many of the offices, but want to serve your business’ needs in whatever capacity.

What happens if I outgrow my space in the middle of my lease term?

 Whether you are growing or contracting and/or need flexible desks or offices, we are here to solve the pain point of inflexible leases where you inevitably feel “stuck.” We have spaces unique to many stages of a company’s life cycle and are flexible in our agreements to grow with your changing needs.

How does mail and receiving/sending packages work?

For all shared spaces, we receive and distribute mail and packages. Additionally, our campus has onsite FedEx, USPS, UPS boxes. For individual office suites, each suite has its own address and receives mail and packages to their suite.


Is phone answering a service that you provide?
MAC6 does not provide phone answering services. However, we’d be happy to connect you with our on site IT partner to provide options for VOIP phones, with voicemail and call forwarding services.
Do you have a conference room? How do I sign up to use it?

There are many conference/training/meeting rooms available to book through an online room booking system. The rooms are generally available on a first come first served basis with usage levels depending on your need as a business.

Am I able to decorate my office?

Yes. We want you to be able to express yourself and your brand in your space, as long as the office is returned to its initial state when you move to another space.

Why is the price point so different between offices?

Offices are priced based on size of the office and then based on the level of additional services that MAC6 can provide that create additional value for your business. We have options for businesses at any stage of growth.

If my office is in one of your buildings, do I have access to the other locations?

The MAC6 campus is located in Tempe (Priest and Broadway), and approximately one mile away from the light manufacturing space. All businesses in any of the spaces have access to resources and amenities at the others, depending on needs for your business.

How does parking work?

There is an abundance of open parking at each of the MAC6 locations. There are also assigned covered parking spaces for $35/month, including solar covered parking and limited access to electric car charging stations.


Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?