You may be wondering, “What’s next?  How do I find out more, and what do I do now?”

We will keep you updated about how things are going both from a stories perspective and additionally with quantitative metrics of success.  This is really still the beginning of a seismic shift in the community where we reside and for the people and businesses inside.

In the meantime, we’d love to start hearing some of your stories.  Please share your stories about how you are going to think differently about Stakeholder Orientation.  In what way are you going to find win-win scenarios that benefit all of your stakeholders?  I encourage you to think about something in your life, either personally or professionally that represents a big challenge.  This could be a large issue that seems particularly insurmountable, or it could be a huge opportunity that seems just out of reach.  What would it look like to include more stakeholders into your solution in order to not only climb that mountain but also so that everyone gets to the top together?  As you have stories, please share them  with me, and I will collect and share.  I also encourage you to share these stories with others that you know.  How could the impact of you telling that story spread a message throughout your own communities that by working together towards a common goal, nothing is out of our reach?



You heard the message about New Use Energy on stage last week.  In case you don’t remember, New Use Energy is a startup, which resides at the MAC6 Co-Manufacturing space in Tempe that has created a new technology for solar generators.  They had a couple of these which powered the entire event for us.  They are doing some very cool things to bring a new product to market AND, through their foundation, The Footprint Project  – DONATE HERE for matching donations of up to $25,000 from MAC6 & The McIntosh Family Foundation supporting volunteers on the ground in Ukraine to receive and distribute New Use Energy solar generators to power communications and medical devices.  These devices are very needed both in Ukraine and in refugee camps in surrounding countries.  We’d love if you are able to support this cause.

Lastly, Please join us again at MAC6 on MAY 11 from 12-1.  Enjoy lunch on us and meet the MAC6 community!  We hold these monthly, and introduce people to two companies form the MAC6 Community.  This month we will be introducing you to Civic CM and Arizona HomeSchool Network Association.  MAC6 is a very unique offering of flexible office, coworking, and light manufacturing spaces with technology to match the current workforce.  What really makes us special however, is the community of companies and people who work tirelessly to serve their own stakeholders and one another.

If you haven’t been to our spaces before, and/or if you are potentially interested in joining the most flexible community of companies focused on purpose and growth in Arizona, we’ll be giving tours of the space and facility after the Meet the Community Lunch, from 1-2.  We look forward to seeing you there and continuing to highlight MAC6 Community Members who are Capitalism As A Force For Good.