Thank you to those who attended the Conscious Capitalism in Action: Community Engagement through Community Garden event at MAC6 on Friday, 4/29!


We were excited to share in the story of how a garden isn’t just a garden and what it will mean for the people and businesses in this neighborhood in Tempe and beyond.  It is a special story that will continue to come together including many stakeholders who are passionate about serving their communities in specific ways, and whose great strength comes from the partnership rather than any one individual.  Even if you weren’t able to attend, please stay tuned in the future for updated stories and metrics of the success of changing people’s lives and businesses thriving as a result of these efforts.

It was a pleasure to listen to these partner organizations and their leaders who began to tell the story about how all of us are working together to solve a common issue.  This partnership represents a model and a new way of addressing growing businesses, human suffering, and societal issues such as homelessness in a new and specific way.

  • Tempe Chamber Of Commerce – CEO, Colin Diaz“The nexus where conscious businesses and community revitalization meet is a harmonious place that often leads to reduced crime, better job availability, less disparity between citizens, an elevation of workforce talent, and less overall issues that impact a community.”
  • Tiger Mountain Foundation – Founder and CEO, Darren Chapman “It is our social responsibility to make sure we are making this the world the best possible place for any and everyone to have the opportunity for placement and connectedness.”
  • Local First Arizona – Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Lynita Johnson“From seed to plate, food is a powerful commodity that can comfort, nourish, heal, and unite. The Mac6 community garden has done just that, uniting community leaders to find a conscientious solution to an often vexing challenge.”
  • Conscious Capitalism Arizona – Chairman, Scott McIntosh“Instead of building a bigger wall, we built a community garden.”


  • MAC6  Co-Founder & President, Kyle McIntoshWhat is the version of this in your business?  In your life?  What is the mountain that you are currently climbing alone? And, what would it look like if you were to re-think who all of your stakeholders truly are?”
  • City of Tempe – Mayor, Corey Woods, on behalf of Assistant City Manager, Rosa Inchausti, and Deputy Director of Human Services, Paul Bentley “The idea of creating a community garden to help address homelessness is innovative, forward-thinking and exactly what we would expect from the creative minds of MAC6 and Tiger Mountain. This is an excellent example of conscientious leaders partnering to make a difference.”