Community Engagement Through Community Garden, Part 2 of 3

Stakeholder Orientation is something that is very important to MAC6 and for that matter to all businesses.  With a long term view of business and its success in both serving its purpose and growing economically, you MUST take a broader look at who all of your stakeholders are and how you create win-win scenarios for everyone.  This whole story started when we asked the question, “What if we looked at the transient population in our neighborhood as a true stakeholder of MAC6?”  We would not be as successful in any of our endeavors without all of you.  And, isn’t it just more fun this way? 

Along with the partner organizations who are working to make this community engagement possible, we also want to thank the following stakeholders who helped make the event and all of this possible.

  • Food TruckHot Sauce And Pepper – Delicious Vegan Soul Food and a great Entrepreneurial Story. Thank you Taija and AJ for your food and your dedication to the community.
  • Graphic RecorderFrame the Message Ink – Thank you to Taryl Hansen for the wonderful way in which you captured the essence of this event and everyone that came together.
  • Landscaper LandTech – Awesome partner who’s helped think WAY outside the box to meld a community garden with commercial landscaping in a beautiful way.  Thank you Glen Winters!
  • Onsite Commercial Security –  Secure One Security Services – Thank you to Vince Joyce and team for finding new and creative ways to work with all of our stakeholders in meaningful ways while also keeping everyone safe.
  • Solar Powered Electric GeneratorsNew Use Energy – Thank you to MAC6 Community Member, Lee Feliciano and team for bringing forth this new technology to the world and helping us to power the event and for all of your work to help in Ukraine.
  • Live Broadcast & InterviewsPhoenix Business Radio X – As always, MAC6 Community Member, Karen Nowicki brings the energy and helps us all to tell our stories to the world.  Thank you Karen and team!
  • Our Crew – Thank you to the growing community of MAC6 companies.  You’ve been along for this whole ride and we are so grateful for you all.  Each of you are what makes this place special beyond the four walls in which you work.
  • Thank you to my team!  We are small but mighty and your hard work will live on in legacy through the impact that is being made in Arizona.
  • So many more… I just can’t thank you enough if you have had any input and support in this initiative. If you have any specific questions about who we worked with, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make a connection.

What we have started here and the story that we will tell is not something that we want to hold onto and keep just for ourselves.  We’d love for other businesses and buildings to look at this approach and take and use the roadmap, which is being created.  These are trusted stakeholders who have made this a wonderful experience and made it possible to begin with.