In a world changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are reshaping how they function frequently. Emerging small businesses and startups are taking the work-from-home movement in stride, exploring other methods of creating and running their business in a world gone virtual.

However, as we’ve all learned, Zoom fatigue is real and sometimes an in-person meeting is a must, especially for new businesses or companies hoping for exponential growth. There’s only so much that can be conveyed through a computer screen. Enter virtual office spaces. These spaces are the perfect solution for every business that needs a space to meet, a mailing address, and more. Let’s discuss exactly what these office spaces are and the benefits that come with having a virtual office.

What is a Virtual Office?

So, what exactly is a virtual office? A virtual office space is a system of services that help businesses achieve their goals without paying a full-time office rental fee. These offices often include features such as:

  • A physical business address for mail
  • Printing facilities
  • A business phone system
  • Access to meeting rooms

The best part about a virtual office? The flexibility and freedom it offers in terms of location and company growth. You’ll have the opportunity to continue work in a remote environment while gaining the services that a home-based or remote workplace often doesn’t have access to. Additionally, virtual offices can be found in thousands of locations, so you’ll have a prime pick of your office space for in-person meetings or when mail needs to be retrieved.

Virtual Office Benefits

Enjoy the convenience of a remote work environment without sacrificing the essential business services that will increase productivity and growth. Read on to dive a bit deeper into what a virtual office has to offer.

Virtual Mailing Address for Business

One of the most common issues that home-based and remote businesses face is the lack of business address. Small businesses and startups often need a mailing address to register their company, fill out legal documents, or send and receive mail. Many virtual offices provide a business mailing address for these situations. We’ll talk more about this virtual mailing address and how to get one in the next few sections.

Business Phone Number

Similar to a mailing address, companies may want to have a phone number where potential customers and clients can reach them. However, work-from-home entrepreneurs won’t want to put their personal phone number on their Google My Business or legal documents. A virtual office offers business owners a phone system, equipped with an answering machine, personalized voicemail, and even a dedicated receptionist to handle calls.

Decreased Commute Times

Since you’ll likely only be going into the physical office building during meetings or to retrieve mail, your commute time is significantly lessened than what it would be working in a full-time office space. You’ll save time and money by still working primarily in a remote setting and avoiding the additional costs of a full-time office rental.

Face-to-Face Meetings

For businesses looking to close deals and continue the growth of their new or existing business, face-to-face meetings in a physical office space can be essential. With access to meeting rooms and private offices, you’ll be able to work out a deal with business partners or organizations to continue the growth trajectory of your company.

Wider Talent Pool

Remote work environments offer a key benefit when it comes to hiring. Since the majority of your work is done remotely, you have the opportunity to expand your talent pool and onboard employees from across the country with the skills your business needs to grow. Having a virtual office receptionist can help you field calls and handle interviews in a more organized way. In addition, your employees will have the chance to meet local coworkers in person should they be in the area.

What is a Virtual Mailing Address?

As you read above, one of the many benefits of having a virtual office is receiving a virtual business address. What is a virtual office address, you ask? Instead of filling out registration and legal documents with your personal home address, your virtual office can provide you with a virtual business address that can be used for these situations.

Additionally, having a virtual mailing address can create a professional business image, giving a more established feel to your company. You’ll have the ability to send mail to potential clients and associates and receive mail, such as information about your business registration, without having it come directly to your front door. The virtual office receptionist can alert you when your mailbox is full or if you receive a package that needs to be picked up.

How to Get a Virtual Mailing Address

Depending on the type of virtual office space you rent, the building may provide you with a mailing address as part of your office services. For example, MAC6 offers a specific mailing address option for individuals who are not in need of full office services. Our team will monitor mailboxes and notify you when you have received mail that needs to be retrieved. You’ll also have the option to scan and forward mail if necessary.

However, if your office space does not provide an address, there are also platforms that allow you to select a street address and suite number when you sign up. Be sure to create an address that can send and receive mail through these platforms if your business often needs mailing services.

Invest in Your Company’s Future with MAC6

Now that you know what a virtual office is and you’re ready to invest in this shared space, it’s time to find the ideal location! With MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center, you’ll have access to all of the business services and meeting room spaces you’ll need to grow your business and bring your dream to life. Schedule a tour of our shared office spaces today or contact us with any questions you may have about getting started with a virtual office.