A business’s positive office culture, capabilities, flexibility and agility often play a role in their ability to attract clients and close deals. Small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs that operate out of co-working spaces tend to embody these attributes and can use them to their advantage when pursuing new business.

Easy Access to Other Relevant Businesses

Rubbing elbows with other businesses in Phoenix and Tempe is a central part of being in a co-working community. Your business’s capabilities might be enhanced by some of the networking connections you make on a co-working campus.

Is a potential client who is considering hiring your team looking for a provider or vendor with some additional capabilities you don’t offer yet? Maybe you work in the same building with another professional whose services you could use to provide the exact solution a prospective client needs.

Even if there’s no perfect fit on the co-working campus, other professionals nearby may have the right experts in their own extended networks.

You never know where you’ll find synergies that prove to be valuable tools for your professional or business development until you get involved and find out for yourself.

Be Able to Scale Up Fast

In many cases a small, lean startup may not have the manpower to land their ideal client, even if they have the expertise necessary to do so. Businesses that may be interested in hiring you might pass because you’d need to quickly double or triple the size of your team.

Co-working communities offer that kind of flexibility to businesses of all type in the Tempe area. With the way the Enterprise, Desk+ and Growth+ memberships work at MAC6, you could add dozens of new hires to your team overnight without having to lease new office space or jump through the logistical hoops that kind of rapid growth would normally require.

Young, Hip Workplaces with Modern Cultures Appeal to Many Businesses

Whether or not the stereotype is fair, there are a lot of modern business owners that are shying away from stodgy old service providers and giving priority to younger companies. In many cases it’s the entrepreneurs in an industry that emphasize new, more efficient ways to leverage technology to meet their clientele’s needs.

Innovators may not always have the right answers, but older traditional companies are rarely the source of great ideas and new operating procedures that eventually become the standard in the future.

Co-working communities and the atmospheres of teamwork they create in their orbit can be uniquely powerful selling points for many businesses seeking new partners. There’s a fundamental freshness and excitement in every co-working space, as they often function as incubators for new ideas. Many businesses like working with vendors or solution providers that exhibit that type of energy.

Fewer Constraints on Your Capabilities

Companies that are tied down by long-term leases, utility payments and size and space constraints may not be an ideal fit for businesses that are looking for a vendor or partner with flexibility. There are few business or logistical hurdles co-working businesses can’t quickly and easily overcome with the right resources and partnerships.

Does a client need you to uproot your team and move somewhere else temporarily? Will you need to get feet on the ground in a new state or city? Co-working spaces are fundamentally flexible in terms of where you and your team can go. The great thing about the proliferation of co-working communities is there’s one, or likely several, in any city in which your employees may need to operate.

Let MAC6 Help Close Your Next Deal

Are you looking for an office alternative in Tempe that will give your employees top-of-the-line amenities at affordable monthly rates? Would your business benefit from the flexibility of being able to add or decrease your space needs based on current and future staffing decisions? One of the major benefits of co-working communities is the flexibility and agility membership offers local businesses.

Tour MAC6 and see why so many of our members benefit from working in close proximity to other local innovators in the Tempe and Phoenix area. Call us at (602) 837-2664 for more information or download our brochure today.