The Future of Work is changing, as employers and employees realize the efficiencies of virtual work.

But the Future of Work is concerning, as we think about the long work hours, continuous virtual meetings, and stress that is occurring.

As the Future of Work is evolving, we explore the ideas and questions of Flexibility and Productivity, Values and Culture, Health and Wellness, and Creative Strategic Planning as the keys to evolving future and long-term success.

Flexibility and Productivity: 

With Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms many of us have enjoyed the extreme flexibility, and in many cases increased productivity of working from home.  Not driving or flying to work or to meetings has been an incredible time saver, but many of us are also now questioning the true productive advantage of working from home.  And, many of us are simply missing human connection.

There is no question that business will return to an office, but the big question still on the table is what the office look like will and how will we work.  With the Greater Phoenix 24th and Camelback location as an example, many are starting to question the need for high dollar fixed real estate leases when many are working so productively from home.  Do we really need all this expensive fixed lease space, or is there an alternative?

We have seen a glimpse of the future as technology and flexible space planning is changing everything. The future of work is evolving to include Flex Space, Co-Working, and Private Suites, all combined with flexible and productive meeting and event systems and spaces, allowing for both in-person AND virtual work.  Meetings and events will never be the same. We will work and meet in the office, and we will work and meet from home or on the road.  Flexible AND Productive workspaces are the future of work, join the conversation and learn more.

Values and Culture:

Globally, large tech and other businesses are telling employees they may never return to an office.  Awesome in some ways, but how does a business with all virtual workers ensure productivity, and as or more important, how do we maintain and instill company values and culture, when the only time we may see each other is on a screen?

Maintaining a global culture is a challenge in the best of times. Employee development is difficult in the best of times and the answer must be some combination of virtual AND in-person work.  With Always Learning / Always Teaching as a core value at MAC6, we know the best way to start is by first asking the right questions.  Many great answers are starting to evolve, and we invite you to join the conversation with us.

Health and Wellness: 

Health, Wellness and Productivity often clash. Pre-Covid great workplaces were already evolving to include health and wellness initiatives, realizing that healthy employees were also more productive. Simple to say but hard to put into practice, with time as the great equalizer for all of us. Working from home presumably gives us more time, but as I talk with many who are working from home, I wonder about both our health and productivity.

The Energy Project work of Tony Schwartz is at least part of the answer. The Energy Project combines the ideas of Health, Wellness AND Productivity, by focusing on maintaining personal energy in four buckets: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  Again, the answers to these great questions around the success of virtual and in-person work to maintain wellness and productivity are only starting to evolve.  Be a part of creating the new work environment, join the conversation now.

Creative Strategic Planning:

What is the source of creativity?  Does it come from nature, nurture, or both?  As an engineering student I learned the formulas of math and physics. But as I as grew as an engineer, I realized the real gift of my education was learning how to think and solve problems.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are almost by definition creative, but my real breakthrough came with my decades ago discovery of the genius idea of Parallel Thinking, and simple technique of the Six Thinking Hats.

Beyond flexible workspaces, MAC6 is a journey of learning and discovery that is truly right for the times. While the so called, “new-normal” is currently unknowable, entrepreneurs across the globe are rising to the occasion, with clear signs that 2021 will see the biggest wave of entrepreneurial energy in the history of civilization.

As we continue to move beyond the current crisis, now is the time to prepare; to bring your purpose to life, and to focus and ideate with customers and stakeholders, using the remainder of 2020 to lay a great foundation for the coming economic shift.  Creative Strategic Planning combines the power of Parallel Thinking with a proven strategic planning process. None of us can predict the future but you can join the conversation to begin to think about how to leverage this opportunity.

About MAC6

MAC6 offers short and long-term workspace options for entrepreneurs, professionals, growing businesses and work teams. Options include single desks and workstations, fully furnished private offices, and private suites ranging from 1,500 to 11,000 square feet, in service to teams ranging from 5 to 90 employees.  Flexibility, Productivity, Culture, Health, Wellness and Creative are baked-in to every space and plan.

Flex Space for Teams:  Are you or your employees tired of working from home? Are you a business owner paying for expensive real estate, while many of your employees are continuing to work from home? Whether at home or at work, personal productivity is a key to long term success. The MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center offers healthy, productive, AND cost-effective Flex Space solutions ranging from a single desk or private office to Flex Space for Teams ranging from 5 to 90.

Flexible Space for Growth: Are you ready for the rapidly emerging new normal? Are you working from home, or seeking a new home for your rapidly growing business? Beyond flexible workspaces, MAC6 is a journey of learning and discovery that is truly right for the times.

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