Different workers benefit from different environments.

Many professionals appreciate open floorplan seating arrangements where they can easily interact, and bounce ideas off one another. Other people prefer some type of cubicle walls or offices to eliminate distractions and better focus on the task at hand.

MAC6‘s open coworking spaces offer both options. We have reserved Desk+ cubicle-like seats where you can securely set up your computer and leave your personal items, but we also have other areas free of barriers where team members can work collaboratively.

There’s no right or wrong way to work – every team has their own best setup that’s right for them. At MAC6 we’ve strived to develop flexible coworking spaces that meet the needs of every business and team.

What Design Is Best for Your Business?

Startups and entrepreneurs with small teams may prefer a more open floorplan that allows for faster, more seamless cooperation. Other businesses may require employees to be on the phone a lot or focused on data analysis and writing.

Our enterprise options range in size from 1,500 to 9,000 square feet to accommodate businesses with 10 or fewer employees or dozens of employees.

MAC6 has a huge selection of optional cubicle walls that can be set up in your enterprise unit in whichever way best fit your business’s needs. Our high cubicle walls enable members to create private little areas so each employee can have their own space, or you can leave your office spaces open.

Find a Shared Workspace That’s Right for Your Business

Every business, even freelancers and entrepreneurs, have a different processes and unique needs. It’s always ideal for an employee to pursue a workplace environment that best enhances their productivity and happiness.

MAC6 has created a shared workspace that offers this type of flexibility. We have multiple coworking spaces, each with their own kitchens, break areas, conference rooms and various smaller thinktanks.

Much of the open space at MAC6 is available to all members, but Desk+ members also get their own space that’s reserved just for them and their stuff.

Desk+ members and enterprise employees also have access to all the other amenities available at MAC6, including the gym, internet, podcast room and more.

All of the workspaces are open 24/7 and are accessible with a key fob after hours to maintain a secure, safe premises.

Zones and Pods

Different shared coworking campuses may have different naming conventions for these separated areas, but the fundamental idea is the same.

SMBs or startups are often broken out into teams. Members of the team are usually working towards the same goal or fulfilling the same type of function, often collaboratively.

A shared workspace layout that has desks and low-walled cubicle set up in a “pod” type formation with room for about four to six people are common in many shared workspace layouts.

Another common feature in shared workspaces are zones. These zones may be officially labelled or organically develop based on the available seating and the people in an area. Some zones will include more collaboration and be louder as a result.

Other zones may be more dedicated to people focusing on work with minimum discussion, meaning these zones are by their nature quieter.

In many cases zones occur naturally based on the type of seating available. Long tables with no walls tend to promote collaboration, while an area with cubicle walls may delineate the section of an open floorplan where people are more focused on individual tasks.

Many shared workspace environments are home to both types of seating, sometimes in different levels or wings of a coworking campus or sometimes in one large, shared space with natural borders.

Meeting Rooms of Various Sizes and Purposes

Coworking spaces should have a diversity of meeting rooms of various types and formats. Some may just be nooks with low couches and comfortable seating for informal discussions and brainstorming. Others may be small meeting rooms that will comfortably seat six people and be equipped with various presentation hardware like whiteboards and projectors.

There should also be at least two or three large conference rooms equipped with projectors, large screens and other built-in presentation hardware that can house anywhere from 10 to 30 people.

SMBs or entrepreneurs likely need smaller meeting areas on a day-to-day basis but may need to meet with partner organizations or clients weekly or monthly. An ideal coworking space will have both smaller informal areas for comfortable discussions and larger more formal conference rooms for client or partner presentations.

Find Your Ideal Shared Office Space at MAC6 in Tempe

MAC6 offers flexible workspaces that can conform to the needs of any freelancer, entrepreneur or SMB. Some spaces are focused more on collaboration with long shared desk spaces. Other open floorplan spaces are segregated off in small working groups and cubicles.

All of these spaces are surrounded by private offices for rent and meeting rooms of various sizes that all members can book as needed.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, adaptable shared workspace that can conform to your business’s needs, MAC6 has a solution. Call us at (602) 837-2664 for more information or book a tour online.