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Start with a single desk or office in our Desk+ Coworking space, then transition when ready for Growth+.

Scale in our Growth+ space with unique office desk combinations in a learning environment, then grow to your own private Commercial Office Space, accommodating up to 70 employees, while still being part of a learning community.

Grow your business in our Privacy+ (Un)Executive Suites. Enjoy your privacy or become part of a community of growing businesses. Either is possible every day in these suites.

There are plenty of coworking spaces in the Valley, but manufacturing comes with a completely different set of needs and requirements. Explore MAC6 Communities Co-manufacturing space — get out of your garage and introduce your product to the world, without breaking the bank with a long-term lease and overhead.

Community Membership

Join the MAC6 community for a few months or a few years – our community membership is guaranteed to grow with your business. Community membership includes:

  • Flexible space and membership options, from a few months to years
  • Fiber for robust wireless and hardwired internet
  • Local, national and global networking opportunities
  • Growth-oriented mastermind groups for companies running on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®)
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Culture focused leadership and employee development programs
  • Cash flow / investment opportunity for community members fully committed to running on EOS

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Join our community of over 100 startup, scaling and mid-market businesses calling MAC6 home!