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Building Better Communities

MAC6 is all about supporting good business, and over the years we’ve recognized that the right workspace can be the difference between success and failure for growth-minded businesses. We’ve set out to provide flexible, convenient workspaces for companies who value community as much as we do.

Because, really, we all know how hard it is to scale your business when you’re feeling the constraints of a space that’s either too big (and expensive), or too small.

“Our company has grown from 4 people to 27 people. Really, MAC6 gave us the flexibility to keep adding desks as we added employees. And, at this point we are really excited about the next phase of our company. We are growing – probably doubling our size within the next 18 months or so – and right here at Mac6 is where it all started.”

– Andreas Ronneseth, Co-Founder & CTO of Revolution Part

Commercial Office Space

Our traditional office spaces are anything but common. For a larger company, it’s great because “private” doesn’t mean isolated – the entire MAC6 community is yours!


Our twelve-thousand-square-foot Tempe space gives you a collaborative working environment – the perfect place to come share resources with other purpose-driven businesses.


Our co-manufacturing space allows you to configure your workspace to address your needs. It’s about building things that matter – without the stress of a huge warehouse lease.

Which Space is Right for You?

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