Sometimes you want time to work without being bothered. But when if you’re working on a tough problem, and you’re able to step outside your office into a community of smart people who can help you get outside of your own head?

Traditional office spaces give you coworking or your own space, making it difficult to enjoy the benefits of both. But if you’d like to see what happens when an executive suite and a coworking space have a baby, you may get your wish. The world is slowly moving toward flexibility in office space. And it’s starting to encroach on traditional executive suites.

The Problem

Traditional executive suites are good for privacy, but they can isolate you from your employees. And it can be easy to hole up in your suite and not get out and connect with others without having to make a special trip after work to a networking event.

You’re not connected with your people, the problems you need to solve, or your on-the-ground eyes and ears that will find opportunities before you do.

Is this you, but you’re not sure where to begin? That’s okay. We’re about to tell you what to look for.

Community Involvement

Everyone needs to get work done. But it’s nice to step out of your office into a bustling community. We think it “takes a village” to grow a business.

Successful business owners surround themselves with like-minded people they can collaborate, learn and grow with. Finding a community to discuss growth blockers and brainstorm new ideas can really facilitate upwards progress.

“In mid-October, my Austin-based startup needed a site in Arizona with a strong likelihood of significant expansion. We needed desks and had to plan for securing expensive engineering equipment. At the same time, we wanted a connection to the community around us.
– Dan Schwartz

To find the right space, narrow it down to a few, and then take a tour. When you do, look for these things.

What to look for

When shopping for this kind of workspace, look for opportunities to be a part of a village and engage with the community.

  • Are people smart and busy enough? Too much free time can mean they’ll bug you too much. And if they’re smart, they’re likely to have good advice.
  • Are they also willing to engage? If they’re frazzled and stressed, that’s not a good sign. They may not have the emotional ability to slow down and connect with others.
  • Make sure there’s an opportunity to talk about your business a little. MAC6 hosts monthly lunch and learns that offer our community members an easy way to learn about the different businesses co-working together.
  • Make sure there’s time to connect with other community members. MAC6 offers community lunch weekly where people can chat and connect.

There’s such a thing as too much connection.

Community involvement can really help you grow your business. But there’s such a thing as too much community. Sometimes you need to shut the door and sequester yourself with your work and not think about anything else until it’s done. A good executive suite will offer that.

What to look for

Look for a space that encourages involvement in activities while giving you a chance to shut your private office door and focus on executive level tasks.

  • Is the person giving you the tour bothering people in order to make introductions?
  • Do people seem to be respecting others who work in the space?
  • Do the spaces allow you to hide, or must you be seen through the window of your office?

Find Balance

Traditional executive suites can isolate you. You can become disconnected from your people and the surrounding culture that contains so much of the business knowledge you need to solve your problems together. If you’re looking for success in an executive suite, and you find yourself either isolated or a little bit too connected, an (un)executive suite might be the ticket for you.

Look for a space with planned and regular community events in a space that puts just enough pressure on you to make you feel connected and cared about, but ultimately respects your privacy and gives you space to work when you need it.

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we think we’ve struck a pretty good balance here at MAC6. Our (un)executive suites keep you open to the community, increasing your visibility in the company. In turn, you’re more approachable to the employees and outwardly committed to the growth of your business. If you’d like to know more, contact us and ask for a tour.