Business Spot Light: Tremaine Ranch

We asked the businesses in our community to share how and why they got started. Here is what Leah Theodosis, the founder of Tremaine Ranch, had to say:


Tremaine Ranch, The Ivy Event & Rowhouse 25 (our three companies – Rowhouse is still in the works) We will be answering mostly from the Tremaine Ranch side, because this is our ‘mother’ company, but will add a bit more on The Ivy Event…

1. Why did you start your company:

We often joke that we started our company accidentally, but it is the truth. We both built, shopped and created a ton of inventory for our own wedding. After our wedding, we had all of this left over stuff that we had no idea what we should do with. We decided to start renting it out for some extra cash. We were originally planning on a big move from AZ to San Francisco, CA, so the extra money was going to be used to help us move. After getting clients contacting us about rentals for after our scheduled move date, we decided to stay and try it out. Within 6 months, Leah was able to quit her job to pursue Tremaine Ranch full time, and after 1 year, Matt was able to quit his job and pursue his aspect of Tremaine Ranch full time. We both realized that there is a missing link bringing the creative community together in Arizona which sparked our second business venture; The Ivy Event. The Ivy Event is excited to promote growing a stable and healthy creative community that is lush and grows rapidly when surrounded with like minded individuals who are interested in building a community, establishing new relationships and supporting local business.

2. What has been the most surprising thing as you have grown your business?

The most surprising aspect out of starting our business and growing it has been the amount of entrepreneurship we both have. We are always surprised with the different ideas that we come up with on how to grow our company, better execute projects and work together.

3. If you were to do it all over again what would you do differently? I think if we had to start all over again, the only thing we would change would be hiring an accountant sooner rather than later!

4. Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

I hope in 10 years, we are still growing our Tremaine Ranch inventory, have a team of employees who all have their own jobs & roles in our company, as well as a few box trucks for our delivery/pick ups. I also would hope to see The Ivy Event traveling to different cities and offering a new take on community building events.

5. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

A lot of people don’t realize that our company was born out of our own wedding. When I say we accidentally started our company, people always seem surprised.

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