Yes, “flexible workspace” is a total buzz word. But why does flexibility matter? And in what way? Let’s talk about 3 reasons you, as a growing business, should push for flexibility in your next lease.

Flexibility sounds great – it’s better than inflexibility, right? But in reality, it’s a vague term that can be interpreted many ways. A stand-up desk could be described as a flexible workspace, and so can allowing your employees to telecommute. Those are all great, and something business owners should consider. But frankly, flexibility needs a more concrete, compelling definition to truly make an impact on business success.

What does “flexible” really mean for a workspace?

Fortune describes a flexible workspace this way: “[…] flexibility isn’t a collection of policies or programs. It’s a way of doing business, one that is attuned to a particular workplace, that cares for and trusts employees, and that is tied to strategic goals.”

This is a great start. For us, flexibility in a workspace comes down to three crucial components:


When you’re growing a business, you need to make swift, cost-saving changes to make sure your business can weather the storms. Whether that’s upsizing your space during a busy season or bringing your manufacturing in-house to control quality, it all comes down to being an agile business owner.

Look for a space that doesn’t lock you into a long-term lease, which means you can change your space to fit your needs, goals, and staff. For example, if you’re in a business whose varying seasonal demands mean changes in staff size, you could easily transition to a bigger space during that time and downsize when the season ends.


Coworking spaces can provide an easy button. Being a business owner is anything but simple. So take advantage of simplicity when you can.

With coworking, there’s no need to stay on top of the latest office space perks and trends; that’s the space manager’s job. No need to remember to stock the printer with ink and paper; it’s covered. No need for tedious bills; all your necessities are covered.

A plug-and-play environment allows you to just show up, sit down, and get to business.

Low Overhead Costs

No matter the size of your business, overhead costs can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. With coworking spaces, your overhead costs are kept low and constant so you can focus your capital on building your business, not paying for rent and utilities.

Are you looking for a space that caters to your business? Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what type and size space you actually need. Why not use our space assessment tool to help determine your ideal space needs.?