Building Better Communities Where People & Businesses Thrive

What is a community of communities?  It’s an interesting concept.  There is a lot of talk from various individuals and businesses out there about “community” and how important it is to them as one of their stakeholders.  We agree.  It’s very rewarding having businesses like Refresh Glass, Resound Creative, or Hello fresh working in our spaces and participating as strong parts of our internal community.  What is truly special about MAC6 goes far beyond our own business offerings and is continuously built by the businesses that we work with and their commitment to being a part of something bigger than themselves.  They always have a willingness to help others that are a part of our community.  Every day I’m astounded by the impact that members of the MAC6 Community have on one another and in growing their collective impact in the broader community and the world.

And still yet, there is something bigger happening that truly gets to 2+2= 10.  As special as our MAC6 community is, it always would have been constrained by the number of businesses that fit in however-many square feet that we manage.  So, we re-conceptualized what “community” could mean.  Why did we have to be in control of the community?  Could we be a community of communities?  Meaning, could we be a physical and intellectual gathering place where communities and ideas come together: Where the concentric circles between the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, The Sci Tech Institute, Conscious Capitalism Arizona, and Phoenix Business Radio X  meet?

What could the real impact in the broader community and in the world be if rather than compete with the other communities, we come together to support one another?  How much more can we do for Arizona?  For the Country, and the World?  How can we better support the business Community?  Or, school aged kids who will eventually enter that workforce and follow paths to do what they love?

We’ll see.  Its a grand experiment.  So far I can tell you that its rewarding work and I get to see firsthand stories every day of amazing impact that is created by expanding from ‘A’ Community to a Community of Communities, but I’ll keep you updated.  Or, if you’d like to be a part of it, check out more of the Community of Communities here.