Although we were “dark” for a little while, we are re-emerging and very excited to get back to participating in, and giving to, our various Arizona entrepreneurial and business communities. Our goal is to always continue to provide the best and most valuable service to our customers, while supporting our community in a meaningful way. A LOT of tough work was going on behind the scenes, re-designing what that looks like.

To understand the new vision of where we are going, you should understand from where we came.

In 2011, Scott and Kyle McIntosh started working together to support early-stage companies through angel investing. The basic premise was to invest in businesses without having a passive approach of, “here’s the money, hope it works out” and to make an extraordinary return, while at the same time doing awesome things to transform the world.

And then it happened! Scott & Kyle stumbled onto a philosophy. They decided that not only would they be “active” investors, but that their entire strategy would be focused through the lens of Conscious Capitalism®.

Scott and Kyle’s philosophy is to invest in businesses that have a higher purpose. These companies will simultaneously make more money in the long run. To follow this investment philosophy while effectively working as active investors and bringing intellectual capital to each business, MAC6 started as an incubator in 2011. Over the next three years, MAC6 commenced three cohorts of startup incubee (coined term for incubator participant) companies and invested approximately $7.2 Million into startup businesses. The team made changes to the model, to always provide the best and most valuable service to our companies and our community. Over that time, MAC6 grew to a team of eight people. Find out more about the MAC6 team here, https://mac6.com/mac6-story/our-team/.

The biggest learning that MAC6 took away from the first three years of operation is that, far beyond a great idea, it is the leadership team of a business that will make it successful. Most investors know this inherently and speak about it often. Currently, there is not a systematic, qualitative and quantitative way to assess an entire team based on what a successful team benchmark looks like. We saw the opportunity.

MAC6 invested heavily into many tools to help assess individuals on a team basis and to develop team role benchmarks. The new MAC6 platform focuses on what we can be the best at, which is assessing, creating, and growing successful and high-performing leadership teams.

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow.