Boring lunch and learns can wreck a day almost as quickly as a speeding ticket during the morning commute. Be the colleague that throws a kick-ass lunch and learn that leaves your audience wanting more.

Collaboration and skill sharing are a few of the reasons why co-working spaces are so popular. The diverse makeup of the members, combined with an open office space, leaves plenty of room for insightful conversation and camaraderie. Lunch and learns are a great way to get to know your professional peers, learn what they do, and start an impactful conversation.

What Are Lunch and Learns?

Lunch and learns are informal trainings or presentations held over the lunch hour to teach others about a certain topic. Accessibility and informality are what sets it apart from other training programs — along with catered lunch.

How To Throw a Kick-Ass Lunch and Learn

Don’t be shy. You can throw a kick-ass lunch and learn that will have people coming back for more. Make it fun and interactive. Allow attendees to be a part of the conversation. And leave plenty of time for questions and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Focus on a Single Topic

You may be the office authority on a certain subject, but for the sake of learning and teaching, focus on one single concept that is relevant to your audience. Make the presentation engaging and don’t be afraid to throw in a safe-for-work joke or two.

As an example, let’s say you’re hosting a lunch and learn about online sales funnels. While the nitty-gritty technical aspects of the subject may go over people’s head (and would be quite boring), everyone shops online! Keep the talking points interesting and relatable to the audience. Use examples and keep bringing it back to what people know. Keep them engaged and they’ll your material will stick.

Ask the Right Questions

We’ve all been in the lectures where the question, “does anyone have any questions?” is met with crickets from a half-asleep audience. That question doesn’t provoke critical thinking or encourage peer-to-peer conversation.

Instead of “Does anyone have a question,” ask, “How would doing X make you feel” or “How would you approach X if Y”.

Asking the right questions invites conversation, not just reading comprehension.

Have a Learning Objective

Time is valuable. Respect your peers’ time by defining a clear learning objective for the lunch and learn. Start with this sentence, “When my peers leave this lunch and learn, I want them to know _________.”

If your presentation idea doesn’t have a clear learning point, trash it and start over. You want attendees to feel empowered and that they learned something they can use.

Test Your Tech

Save yourself the embarrassment of technical difficulties by testing it ahead of time. Make sure the monitors, projectors, clicker, microphone, and whatever else you plan on using is working properly. Test these the morning before the lunch and learn. That way if something is glitchy, you can troubleshoot before the actual presentation. Familiarize yourself with the A/V system so you can focus your attention on the presentation when all eyes are on you.

Be Yourself

Be yourself and have fun with your kick-ass lunch and learn! Everyone is there because they want to hear what you have to say. Bring the value and insight to the presentation that only you can.

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