At MAC6, our Leadership Academy for High Performing Teams is based on the premise that “Conscious Leadership” is the crux of what will make businesses more successful and benefit all stakeholders in the long term.   Over the last five years, our greatest learning in working with early stage to mid-market businesses, is that ALWAYS, what makes a business successful is a strong leadership team.  Conversely, when businesses struggle, we can point to a struggling leadership team. Because of this, in the last year and a half we have pared down our service offerings to work exclusively on team leadership development.  It has been incredibly rewarding work to see the success of people who, when given the opportunity to sit in the right seat and do what they love, thrive, creating great company culture and commensurate financial success for the business as a whole.

The following white paper, written by Barrett C. Brown, Ph.D., of MetaIntegral Associates, titled, “The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism” is the foundation of thought from which we built our programs.  We encourage you to read it and develop as a leader for the long term success of your team, business, and all involved stakeholders.

A few jarring statistics listed within:

58% of new executives hired from the outside fail within 18 months.

– Harvard Business School Study, 2003

 89% of new management hires admit they don’t have the full set of skills or knowledge required to do their jobs.

– Corporate Executive Board, 2005

 Only 30% of CEOs are confident they will have the talent needed to grow their organization in the near future.

– PWC Trends in Human Capital, 2012

 Good leaders create 3x more economic value than poor leaders, and extraordinary leaders create significantly more economic value than all the rest.

– Zenger & Folkman’s study of 30,000 leaders

 High-performers deliver 48% improved performance over average performers in highly complex jobs.

– Hunter, Schmidt, & Judiesch’s research across 59,000 jobs

Lastly, if you would like to continue learning and pursuing growth around this topic, we encourage you to attend the “Activate Human Capital” conference on April 28th, from 7:30 am – 12:30 pm.  Learn more and register here:

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