Every company that spends money on hiring and HR can benefit from making the right decisions earlier in the process. After all, wrong hiring or placement decisions cost you money and time, not to mention headaches and frustration for everyone involved. Personality tests have proved to be a best practice, providing insights to managers, helping them make the right decisions quicker, spending less money and frustration on finding and keeping the right fit.

No team became awesome by chance. No company was built by putting random people in the same room. Teams become awesome through understanding how those people work best and empowering them within the right roles. You have to really understand your people in order to build and lead a team that can perform awesomely; a productive powerhouse.

Personality tests help you learn who your people are and how each person on your team can work their best with each other. When you implement personality tests as part of your company’s onboarding and ongoing coaching, it could put your employees in the right place to transform your company’s culture and the bottom line of your business.

Don’t believe us? Here are three ways personality tests will transform your team:


In order to work effectively, you have to understand what motivates you — what makes you tick. If simply having a stable job doesn’t motivate you to go above and beyond, what will? Knowing this about yourself, and adjusting to act on it, will transform your business. Knowing this about each of your teammates will build a powerhouse team that will take your business to places you never thought possible. If you know what motivates them to be incredible, you can build an incredible business. Personality assessments also provide insight into how feedback will be accepted and received, allowing you to understand the best approach to delivering every kind of feedback. Coaching your team will yield impressive results if you understand how to coach each person individually.

Communication & Mutual Respect

Communication and mutual respect are key aspects of a great team. Not everyone communicates and feels respected in the same way. For example, some employees want clear instructions with regular check-ins, while others want initial direction but feel micromanaged if instructions are repeated to them. Some people thrive with direct, to-the-point communication, while others appreciate softer tones with relationship-building elements added the front and back of the conversation. Knowing how your team members communicate best can help you empower and inspire them.

Along the same lines, mutual respect is needed to move forward in any capacity. You must respect your team members and their unique skills and personality. And they must respect you as the leader. Effective communication is a great place to start.


Do you have someone on your team who moves at a snail’s pace? They probably aren’t lazy. They are focused on the details and getting it done right the first time. Your cheetah-speed employee, on the other hand, is driven by checking off the to-do list, but may miss a few things while travelling 70 mph.

Personality assessments help teams become more productive by surfacing those underlying reasons why your people work they way they do. If you are up against a tight deadline, choose your cheetah-speed employee to pull the late hours. If you need something done with the highest level of quality and care, your snail-paced person is the person for the job.

By making personality assessments part of your onboarding process, you take the guesswork out of getting to know your new hire. Personality assessments provide you with the insight to manage successfully and place each of your people in the roles they fit best.

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