Running a business is expensive. Commercial real estate costs are rising and leases are long. For growing companies like yours, it’s better to put your profit back into your business instead of paying overhead costs you don’t need.

So if you’re a small-but-growing business, what do you do?

Solving a Simple Problem

Meet Austin. Austin is in his 30s and took the leap into entrepreneurship about three years ago. His company manufactures minimalist men’s skincare products on a subscription model. Austin found men settle for less because the skincare space is centered around women and use complicated ingredients. But men need simplicity. So Austin releases products with a new theme each month based on the season and subscriber’s needs. No tough decisions, no confusing ingredients, just great skincare designed for men, delivered to their door.

Avoiding the Long-Lease Handcuffs

Like many, his company started with one employee: himself. He handled everything from customer service to production to accounting. Austin was committed to investing most of his profit back into the product instead of paying expensive overhead costs. He wanted to create a company that could reach as many men as possible and he knew a long, expensive lease would handcuff him.

After looking into his options, Austin opted for Mac6 co-working and co-manufacturing space. It combined all the resources he needed to grow his business without extra overhead. The flexible leases and spaces drew him in. Now, he can finally move production out of his kitchen and into a devoted space that can expand as demand grows. His initial office setup was a 150-square foot space that included a table for production and a desk for marketing and administrative tasks.

Finding Success in a Flexible Lease

Fast forward six months: Austin’s business is booming. It’s grown nearly 100% month-over-month. He moved into a 500-square foot space and hired contract workers to meet order demand. Now his company is ready financially to hire two full-time employees, allowing him to focus on growing the business while his new team works to produce and fulfill orders.

A year later and his business continues to grow. He now has four full-time employees in production and business development. His online community is expanding and so is his product line. It’s an exciting but crucial time for Austin to make smart, long-term decisions for the company. He hires Mac6 to help him and his team to grow smart and sustainably.

A couple of years later and his team and business continue to grow. The production is now in a 2,000-square foot manufacturing space and the business development team is in a separate office, all within Mac6.

Within three short years, Austin’s company evolved from one employee (himself) in a 150-square foot space to full team with devoted production and office space. The flexibility to expand his space as the business grew was invaluable to keep his startup lean and profitable. Through his partnership with Mac6, Austin was equipped with the tools, resources, space, and members to help his company reach its potential.

Do you have a business that needs a scalable, affordable workspace just like Austin? We want to help! Use our spaces calculator to determine the space you need and contact us today.