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Top 5 Coworking Myths You Can Reject

What excuses do you have for not working in a coworking space? Too many people? Too distracting? Doesn’t fit with your line of work? There are a lot of excuses out there, and we’re here to debunk the top 5 myths that a coworking space won’t work. It’s time to get out...

Work(out) Your Way to Productivity

You expect an office to be equipped with desks, chairs, printers, coffee, and reliable wifi. They’re required to get work done. As Millennials begin to take over the workforce, it takes more than just the essentials—perks are required. The once dreaded office must now...

Focused Action Begins with Vision

“Our vision is to inspire others and change the world for the better.” Unattainable goals. Vague terms. Broad scope. Everyone wants to inspire others and change the world, but such a vision statement will leave the work to get there fuzzy, scattered, and unsatisfying....


Dysfunction Spells Doom

Author: Jennifer Burwell

Put a name to the hidden problems that are killing momentum and initiative. Discover things deficiencies in trust, commitment and focus, and get your organization moving toward long-term success.


High Performance Teamwork Assessment

How high performing is your team? Download our self-assessment worksheet and share it with your team. When everyone completes it you can analyze the results and see where you stand.

Spaces Assessment

What’s the right size for your team’s workspace? Is it co-working or dedicated office space? Use our online calculator to instantly get our recommendation.