TTI's Role Benchmarking

Hire the right person the first time.

Find the right people for the right seats.

Anyone who’s had to make a hiring decision can immediately identify with the anxiety of “the right call.” If that’s you, you’re responsible for finding candidate who:


✚ Clearly understands the role
✚ Fits your company culture
✚ Is passionate about your business and the position
✚ Has the right personality traits and driving forces
✚ Brings the skills and experience that you really need


Daunting? We agree.


The wrong decision could mean team friction, poor performance, tough learning curves, and ultimately…high turnover.

Let the Role Talk

MAC6’s Job Benchmarking process is a unique approach to the
hiring process because it benchmarks the job, not the candidates.
Job Benchmarking helps you find the talent that makes your
company successful by eliminating common biases often
encountered in hiring process.

The Markers

Assess the factors that mean success for your potential employees:

What gets them excited and how do they naturally communicate?

What motivates them to succeed?

What skills or experience to they bring to the role?

How badly do they want to work for your organization?

Do they understand the needs of your organization?

Do they line up with your organization’s values?

The Role Benchmarking Process

The Role Benchmarking Process can be used across the entire company – in every department. It is broken up into five phases, and each phase builds on the one previous.
1. Identify Key People
We interview your Subject Matter Experts. These are people that have a direct connection to the job in question, and their expertise will help us create the benchmark. We can’t move forward until you understand why the position exists, how success will be measured, and how it fits your company’s overall strategy.

2. Define Key Accountabilities
Key accountabilities are not the same as a job description. Primarily, accountabilities define what the position is responsible for accomplishing. We help you create a succinct summary of 3-5 critical goals that you expect to be met.

3. Create the Benchmark
Each Subject Matter Expert will take the TTI TriMetrix DNA® Assessment keeping the roles accountabilities in mind. These responses are combined to create a benchmark report for the role (to compare applicants against).

4. Assess Your Candidates
When you have your top candidates identified, have them complete the TTI TriMetrix DNA® Assessment. This gives us a Gap Report for each candidate – identifying the unique characteristics that each individual has to offer and any potential deficiencies. We will then help you assess the candidate’s understanding of the position, passion for your company, and fit for your company values.

5. Make Your Decision
Armed with the gap report, you can decide who is the best fit. Plus, use each assessment to identify coaching opportunities before you make an offer.

When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, you not only attract the best candidates, but you’ll also save time and money by hiring the right people the first time.

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