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A Better Way To Identify Talent And Cultivate Leadership

Top performing people are one thing. A top-performing team is altogether different. The importance of putting the right leadership team in place is obvious. But the task itself may be more complex than first meets the eye.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of your leadership team. Clearly, your organization flourishes when you are surrounded by talented people. But when you think about it, a true team actually requires more than talented people. It takes more than people who get along and work well together. It requires a commitment than runs deep.

While a commitment to setting and achieving challenging financial goals is vital, the type of commitment we see in high performing organizations goes beyond hitting the numbers for the quarter.

This commitment that consistently drives performance is rooted in deeply held values and beliefs.

These values and beliefs are ultimately what create a culture where…

Achievement becomes the norm. Fresh challenges are continuously set and met. Standards that have been considered acceptable are replaced with achievements that are exceptional.

The Unquestionable Source Of Exponential Change

Significant revenue growth and stunning innovation do not result from policy. While these can be addressed, defined, and explained in a strategic plan, objectives are ultimately executed by people. Supporting and guiding these people is your leadership team. When the team is galvanized, fully onboard, and fully engaged, people throughout the organization perform at a higher level. Revenue growth accelerates. Innovation is an everyday occurrence.

The “big picture” work a leadership team is expected to do clearly goes well beyond communicating elements of a strategic plan. The team must help everyone in the organization grasp a commonly held and proudly shared higher purpose. This type of conscious leadership is what transforms organizations.

Culture is no longer a vague objective, but something visceral. By anticipating the interests of different stakeholders, and responding to these interests proactively, the leadership team helps the CEO arm the organization with a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Process Of Creating The Leadership Team

What do you see when you look at your leadership team?

Aside from the actual people, how did the team come to be? Has each member been selected not simply on the basis of competency, but on a more selective basis of behaviors, motivations and competencies? Sometimes, an outstanding team where the talents of the members are complimentary and a common purpose is shared, comes together effortlessly. But this tends to be the exception to the rule, particularly in younger organizations experiencing rapid growth and where there seems to be insufficient time for a more deliberate approach.

Leaders must ask…

  • How do the members of your leadership team complement one another’s inevitable strengths and weaknesses?
  • If this is happening, to what extent?
  • Where strengths are duplicated, is there a leakage of human capital?
  • Where weaknesses are not offset, what is the price being paid?
  • Are too many weaknesses overlapping?

The deliberate selection of a team, where people are evaluated both as members of a group and as individuals, can help eliminate these impediments to performance. Unintentional, artificial limits can be avoided.

The process for this is to use an assessment that focuses on the team.

The One Assessment That Gives You Insight And Saves You Time

The TTI TriMetrix® DNA is specially designed to help leaders build the best possible team.

It goes beyond shedding light on behaviors, motivators and competencies. The assessment illuminates the actual process behind decision-making. You will gather valuable insights when you ask the members of your leadership team to take The TTI TriMetrix® DNA.

TTI has been testing, researching, and refining thought leadership in the arenas alms of human behavior, skills and competencies, motivation, emotional intelligence (EQ), and performance, since 1984.

TTI’s work has been published and cited by leading publications and organizations:

  • Harvard Business Review — 2012
  • International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) — 2013
  • Workforce Solutions Review — 2013
  • The Washington Post — 2013
  • Inc Magazine — 2012

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