Your home is an island. Control what gets inside.

“Your home is an island. Control what gets inside.”

This is the message of Truce, a company that emphasizes safe and simple cleaning products. Truce’s journey started right here in Phoenix, AZ when Kandie Konomos, Truce’s recipe master, developed contact dermatitis after using cleaning products chock full of toxic chemicals and agents. Kandie knew there had to be a better solution (literally) and began experimenting right at her kitchen counter. At the time, Kandie owned a household cleaning company, so she began trying out her recipes in the homes she cleaned. Years of trial and error birthed products that would eventually become the backbone of the Truce brand. Making its first public appearance as Herb ‘N Organics in April 2008.

Out of the Kitchen and into Whole Foods

Like many other entrepreneurial journeys, the birth of Truce products began in somebody’s kitchen. With limited availability of resources and materials, the Truce team managed to build a thriving business, which grew exponentially after its introduction in 2008. The products themselves proved trustworthy for consumers, and the team had an authentic desire to drive change in the household cleaning industry. Within one year (2009), Truce was offered at Whole Foods Market. By April 2016, the influx of orders and recurring transactions throughout the state couldn’t be fulfilled within the parameters of Truce’s evergiving kitchen. Thus, the search for a professional manufacturing space began.

Truce has empowered the Phoenix community with options – a different way to care for their homes and families.

Change in the Air

After a lot of looking, Truce found us! It was love at first tour.
We value people who create products that make the world a better place, so naturally we were to excited meet Truce’s needs to the best of our ability. At first, their incremental growth only required 130 sq. ft. of administrative space. We were happy to offer this as the first of many steps in growing the Truce empire.

Over the next few months, the Truce movement spread like wildfire. Consumers continued to realize the value in using toxin-free cleaning products, and orders poured in at an unsustainable rate. After only 6 months, Truce found themselves needing more room! In true MAC6 style, we worked with Truce to increase their manufacturing area up to 1239 sq. ft. This marked a momentous transition for Truce, making loading docks accessible and the shift to increased shipping and receiving almost effortless.

As Truce worked hard to achieve excellence in their business, the team found that our co-manufacturing facility not only met their spatial needs, but also provided an environment for them to foster community, creativity, innovation and productivity. As a result, Truce began to build strong connections with other businesses within the MAC6 community.

The first of these was with Moxie Girl who offers a concierge cleaning and household management service. Moxie Girl found so much value in Truce’s simple and effective cleaning products that the two entities have now formed a strategic partnership. The relationship still stands strong today and continues to thrive on the shared values of both parties.

Additionally, Truce has cultivated partnerships with Payton LaCivita of Mia Bella Balsamic Vinegar and Mike Jones of Resound, two other business leaders within our MAC6 family. Through these relationships, Truce has gained services in two areas: consulting for ecommerce technology and brand strategy, respectively. Businesses like these have helped to reduce the frustrations of Truce’s growing pains, and have given them the option to work with trustworthy vendors.


They’re Just Getting Started

Truce has completely transformed itself as a business since its start in 2008 – going from a kitchen table to 1239 sq. ft. space within our co-manufacturing facility, which is a milestone many businesses never reach. The flexibility of our building has not only allowed Truce to grow without the inconvenience of packing up and moving, but has also given them the option to work alongside other successful businesses here in the valley. After years of perfecting recipes and raising brand awareness, Truce is a force to reckoned with. Their commitment to change, coupled with the support of MAC6, has created opportunity for increased revenue and the manufacturing of products that matter. (And let’s not forget the formation of long-lasting partnerships.)

We are so proud to have Truce as a part of the MAC6 family and look forward to serving them as they journey to the top!

Park Lane provided an environment for Truce to foster community, creativity, innovation and productivity.

“This really is a community. If you were an artist, it’s like being in one of those lofts that they talk about in New York or Los Angeles where everybody’s an artist. Everybody in here is an entrepreneur and is manufacturing – doing something. The use of technology is incredible.”

– Diann Peart, Truce



“It’s not typical to have people like the MAC6 team working with you. It’s like having a safety net. Entrepreneurs are aerialists. It’s nice to know that we can fall, but we’re not going to get killed if we do because they believe in us. You have this real sense that they believe in us, and that’s priceless. They like what we’re doing and they support our products.”

– Diann Peart, Truce


Are you lovin’ Park Lane? Come take a tour!

There are plenty of coworking spaces in the Valley, but manufacturing comes with a completely different set of needs and requirements. It’s not just about printers, internet access, and a desk. It’s about having flexible space that allows you to expand your production with demand. It’s about about getting out of your garage and introducing your product to the world without breaking the bank at a giant manufacturing facility.

MAC6 is all about supporting good business, and over the years we’ve recognized that the right workspace can be the difference between success and failure for growth-minded businesses. We’ve set out to provide flexible, convenient workspaces for companies who value community as much as we do.

Because, really, we all know how hard it is to scale your business when you’re feeling the constraints of a space that’s either too big (and expensive), or too small.