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MAC6 Welcomes tempe Chamber of Commerce Members to Our MAC6 Community

Mac6 is where …

Healthy and Productive Businesses Grow


Wellness: Join a community of entrepreneurs focused on growing businesses, while maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance for themselves and their team members


People and Teams: Beyond flexible workspaces, the MAC6 Leadership Academy is the start of your Journey to personal and business growth

People and Businesses Thrive


Success Insights: Your Leadership Academy Learning and Discovery Journey starts with a wide range of personal and business Success Insights assessment tools focused growth


High Performing Teams: Your MAC6 Community Membership includes many of our Leadership Academy Learning and Discovery workshops

Purpose and Profit Unite


Purpose: Now more than ever, discover and lean into your purpose.  Bring your business purpose to life, and your life to your business purpose


Profit: Plain and simple, profit is the life blood of any business; and the union of Purpose and Profit is a key to rapid growth

MAC6 / Tempe Chamber of Commerce Members Partnership Benefits

With MAC6 as part of a synergistic community of communities, we welcome Tempe Chamber of Commerce Members to our Community with certain benefits including Meetings, Space, Referrals, and Return Stronger Learning Opportunities.

Tempe Chamber MAC6 Partnership

Earlier this year, Tempe Chamber and MAC6 entered a true partnership when the Chamber relocated their offices to MAC6 Entrepreneurial Center located at 1430 W. Broadway Road, of course in Tempe. The Chamber’s newly built out space is in a prime location with easy access Chamber members including for meetings and events. Then the world changed.

The big event we were planning for April, 2020 has been deferred, as most everything the Chamber has been doing in recent months has gone virtual.

The world may have changed, but MAC6 is returning stronger, including with healthy and productive workspaces and the (coming soon) ability to host (totally unique) combined in-person / virtual meetings. Our MAC6 relationship with the Tempe Chamber is strong, so as more and more people are returning to work in their offices, we are excited to announce additional benefits available to Tempe Chamber Members.

Co-Working Office and Manufacturing Space discounts and “free” rent

Representing nearly 600 businesses with more than 70,000 employees MAC6 supports the Tempe Chamber mission of Advocacy, Connection and Visibility. For more than a century, the Tempe Chamber has been dedicated to sustaining Tempe’s quality of life and keeping our community and economy vibrant.

Locally Owned and Operated, MAC6 offers 150,000 square feet of Enterprise, Co-Working, and Co-Manufacturing work space in service to Tempe based entrepreneurs, mid-market enterprise businesses and work teams, and as a healthy / productive work environment for employees currently working from home.  In addition to a month or two of free rent, from a single desk or office, up to a 10,000 square foot private suite, MAC6 is excited to offer Chamber Member discounts of up to 15% (details follow). Check out MAC6 Return Stronger for more information including virtual tours or to schedule an in-person tour with the click of a link.

.Tempe Chamber Members:  For Chamber Members interested in Co-Working, Co-Manufacturing, or Enterprise Private Suite Space, our “Give” is a discount of up to 15% AND a month or two of “free rent” (based on a commitment of 12 to 24 months).  Details of the discount are:

  • An Initial 10% discount simply by virtue of your Tempe Chamber Membership
  • A final 5% discount (totaling up to 15%) is offered to Tempe Chamber Members who are 1) “Running on EOS” (Entrepreneurial Operating System),  or 2) who participate in a MAC6 Leadership Academy High Performing Teams Program.

And, if you’d just like to try out a desk or office for a few days or a week, just let us know and we’ll set you up.

Maybe you think we give this discount to anyone – we don’t. This offer is exclusive to MAC6 Community partners.


Tempe Chamber Members – if you know someone looking for space, refer them to MAC6 and we’ll offer them the same discount and free rent as offered above, AND we’ll give you, as a Chamber Member, a referral fee as thanks.  The Tempe Chamber Member Referral Fee Program is based on new referrals who sign a 12 month or longer agreement.  Click the links below for virtual tours of each type of space.

  • Enterprise Suites: Furnished and unfurnished private office suites ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 square feet. $1550 Referral Fee
  • Private Offices: Fully furnished private offices.  $600 Referral Fee
  • Co-Working Desks and Workstations: The most advanced, productive, and healthy Co-working desks and workstation systems in all of Arizona, maybe the world.  $250 Referral Fee
  • Co-Manufacturing Spaces: Fully air-conditioned warehousing and light manufacturing spaces ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet. $250 Referral Fee


Leadership teams that communicate better are higher performing. As leaders we intuitively understand this, but do you also still deal with misunderstandings, within or between your teams, or sometimes with customers or other stakeholders.

Most high performing teams share a diverse range of communication styles, and these styles are like different languages.  The key to leveraging individual communication style differences is awareness, and the MAC6 Return Stronger Communications Initiative is intended to help growth-oriented business leaders and teams develop improved awareness of these differences, leading to higher team performance and productivity.

Tempe Chamber Members:

Complimentary (NO Strings Attached) Success Insights Assessment

As part of our Return Stronger Communications Initiative, we are offering select leaders of MAC6 Community Business Partners a complimentary TTI Success Insights Assessment that will help you discover your unique team and individual communication styles, and what intrinsically motivates each team member.

Once the assessments are completed, each participating team member will receive a comprehensive Individual Assessment Report, a Success Insights Team Wheel, and a customized one-page Communication Profile (see attached examples). Later in August and September MAC6 will host complimentary virtual workshops to help leaders and team members better understand and utilize their Assessments, Team Wheel, and Individual Communication Profiles.

To participate simply let us know by clicking the button below.