Where People and Businesses Thrive

Uniquely Flexible, Healthy and Productive Workspaces


The remedy for uncertain times is flexibility and a learning mindset. Return Stronger by joining our Community of Communities with uniquely flexible solutions for your business.

MAC6 offers short and long-term workspace options for entrepreneurs, professionals, growing businesses and work teams. Options include single desks and workstations, fully furnished private offices, and private suites ranging from 1,500 to 11,000 square feet, in service to teams ranging from 5 to 90 employees.


Beyond flexible workspaces, MAC6 is a journey of learning and discovery that is truly right for the times. While the so called, “new-normal” is currently unknowable, entrepreneurs across the globe are rising to the occasion, with clear signs that 2021 will see the biggest wave of entrepreneurial energy in the history of civilization.

As we continue to move beyond the current crisis, now is the time to prepare; to bring your purpose to life, and to focus and ideate with customers and stakeholders, using the remainder of 2020 to lay a great foundation for the coming economic shift.

Mac6 is where …

Healthy and Productive Businesses Grow


Wellness: Join a community of entrepreneurs focused on growing businesses, while maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance for themselves and their team members


People and Teams: Beyond flexible workspaces, the MAC6 Leadership Academy is the start of your Journey to personal and business growth

People and Businesses Thrive


Success Insights: Your Leadership Academy Learning and Discovery Journey starts with a wide range of personal and business Success Insights assessment tools focused growth


High Performing Teams: Your MAC6 Community Membership includes many of our Leadership Academy Learning and Discovery workshops

Purpose and Profit Unite


Purpose: : Now more than ever, discover and lean into your purpose.  Bring your business purpose to life, and your life to your business purpose


Profit: Plain and simple, profit is the life blood of any business; and the union of Purpose and Profit is a key to rapid growth

MAC6 Flexible Spaces for Growth

Locally owned and operated, MAC6 offers 150,000 square feet of Enterprise, Co-Working and Co-Manufacturing workspace in service to entrepreneurs, and mid-market enterprise businesses and work teams, or as a healthy and productive alternative for larger-business employees currently working from home.

Enterprise Suites

Furnished and unfurnished private office suites

  • Move in ready private suites from 1,500 to 11,000 square feet
  • Great for growth-oriented businesses and teams ranging from 5 to 90 employees
  • Starting at $21 per square foot, full service, including full community member benefits

Private Offices

Fully furnished private offices

  • Move in ready private offices ranging from 120 to 280 square feet
  • Great for Professionals, Consultants, and Small Teams
  • Starting at $600 per month

Co-Working Desks & Workstations

The Future of Co-Working is Now

  • The most advanced, productive, and healthy Desks and Workstation systems in all of Arizona, maybe the world
  • Great for Entrepreneurs, Growing Teams, and employees currently working from home
  • Starting at $375 per month

Co-Manufacturing Spaces

Move-in Ready Manufacturing Spaces

  • Fully air-conditioned warehousing and light manufacturing spaces ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet.
  • Great for Entrepreneurs and Businesses in need or tangible product manufacturing or warehousing space
  • Starting at $1.50 per square foot, full service, including full MAC6 Community Member Benefits