EOS® Implementation

Vision | People | Data | Process | Issues | Traction

Get what you want out of your business.

Looking to grow?
Looking for a flexible lifestyle?
Looking to sell?
Looking to break through your current ceiling?
Looking to work less than 80+ hours per week?
To make all of that possible, your entire organization
needs to be crystal clear on your vision. They need to
be disciplined and accountable to each other. If you’re
looking to gain constant traction, you need a team that
can execute well – a team that’s healthy and cohesive.

The Answer is EOS®

EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a complete, proven system with practical tools that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve what they’re after. The program is designed to help you achieve three things that make all companies successful: vision, traction, and health.


Let’s work to get the people leading your business
100% on the same page with the vision of your
organization: who you are, where you’re going, and
how to get there.


We’ll give your leaders the tools to become more
disciplined and accountable to each other – executing
projects and producing results that achieve every part
of your vision.


We’ll help you facilitate an environment where your leaders can work together as a healthy, functional, cohesive team, even if they’re not used to working together.


Make sure you have the right people
in the right roles.


Get an unbiased snapshot of your


Learn the way to solve problems so
they’re gone for good.


Create procedural steps so your
organization can scale.

The Process

The EOS ProcessTM happens in multiple, single-day engagements (as seen below) and typically takes between eighteen months and two years to fully implement. We work with you through the process until your business leadership team is at least 80% strong in Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, & Traction.
Then, you’re ready to continue on your own!

Our Guarantee

We work on a handshake deal – no contracts. Our payment comes only at the end of each day we spend with your leadership team. We believe so strongly in the success of this process that we fully guarantee each day that we spend together. If you feel that you’ve received value, hand us a check. If not, we don’t expect payment.

MAC6 Leadership Academy for High Performing Teams

  • We increase and then leverage Conscious Awareness
  • We improve the performance of Leadership Teams
  • We guarantee success

Next Steps:

Click the button below to assess your business through the EOS Organizational Checkup®. It will measure the health of your organization in six categories, Vision, People, Data, Process, Issues, and Traction.

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