High-Performing Teams

It’s the people …

… in an organization that make the difference between success and failure.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but a cohesive team that can work together toward a common goal? That’s what can make any organization both amazing and sustainable.

It’s an investment—but an investment that pays off in spades.

Now, that’s really easy to say, but the process takes vulnerability, open communication, and a clear articulation of what your company stands for. We have three programs that will help you do just that.

According to Gallup, highly engaged
organizations have:


Higher Sales


Higher profitability


less turnover

Our Flexible Team Workshops and Programs

These programs are flexible, with a modular design that can be combined together or stand alone. Or we can customize a program to meet your specific needs. Check out what each has to offer below. 




Communication & DISC Workshop


Communication & Team Health Workshop


High Performing Teams Program

Productive Conflict
Conscious Leadership
Team Health


Unlock INDIVIDUAL potential

Communication & DISC Workshop

Behavioral Styles (DISC) | Driving Forces | Communication Strategies



This program is about self-focused discovery. Your people will take TTI’s DISC profile assessment, which includes natural behavioral styles and driving forces. These assessments allow employees to find the kind of work that energizes and excites them (leading to higher productivity), as well as pinpoint areas of potential weakness. During our half day session, we will also explore how to best work together while acknowledging everyone’s different styles and driving forces.

Unlock TEAM effectiveness

Communication & Team Health Workshop

5 Team Dysfunctions of a Team | Behavioral Styles (DISC) | Driving Forces | Communication Strategies



We will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team as a whole, identifying key opportunities for improvement that can make your team higher performing. Assessments will help you identify each team member’s natural and adapted behavioral style, which leads to internal understanding and cooperation.

Participants will leave the excursion with:


An individualized poster that can remind team members of communication preferences.


A 60-page individualized assessment.

Bonus: Leaders will receive a team report that uncovers the team’s unique dynamics.

Create HIGHER-PERFORMING teams with a VALUES-DRIVEN culture

High Performing Teams Program

Behavioral Styles (DISC) | Driving Forces | Communication Strategies

8-week course

This experiential program focuses on achieving higher team performance by eliminating dysfunction and focusing on company culture. We’ll walk your team through a process of both individual and team exercises that build the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving results and increasing employee commitment. During our eight weeks, we’ll cover:

✚ Week 1 | The 5 Team Dysfunctions & Values
Your team members will find ways to leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses, as well as incorporate company values into everyday life.

✚ Week 2 | Behavioral Styles & Driving Forces
We will review everyone’s behavioral styles and what intrinsically motivates them, and take a look at the collective makeup of the team.

✚ Week 3 | Communication & Active Listening
During this session, your team will learn how to become excellent communicators. They’ll find ways to adjust their speaking style and learn the art of Active Listening.

✚ Week 4 | Mutual Accountability
This session will uncover what it really means to work on a team. Your team will learn a specific practice to incorporate into daily habits to increase accountability.

✚ Week 5 | Emotional Intelligence
According to TalentSmart, 90% of top performers have high EQ. During this week’s session, team members will assess their EQ and find out how improve each of the five critical components.

✚ Week 6 | Dealing with Negative Mindsets Your team will learn how to identify the trap of negative mindsets and practice reframing thoughts to achieve a productive and helpful state of mind.

✚ Week 7 | Productive Conflict Dealing with conflict in the workplace is critical for high performance. Your team will practice having difficult conversations and differing opinions in a useful way.

✚ Week 8 | Presentations Your teams will have the opportunity to present everything they have learned and how they are contributing to your values-driven culture.

Life & Leadership Keynotes

Inside each of these 6 core focus areas there are multiple keynotes and tools we teach through.
Cost: $25 (FREE for Mac6 members)

Health & Wellness


Purpose & Values



Emotional Intelligence

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