15% Commissions Year 1

Got a good fit for MAC6? With 15% annualized fees, paid monthly, we’d like to make it easy for you.

MAC6 Offers Community Where People and Businesses Thrive

Our values don’t stop with our members. We’re looking for long-term partnerships with brokers who share our values.

    Long-term Partners Wanted

    We’re huge fans of capitalism, and we think that relationships and solid values are what make it work. In service of that, here’s how we do business.

    • We treat you as a long-term partner, honoring our commitments to fees and promising never to steal your customers.
    • We’re transparent, never interfering in the relationship with your customer.
    • We look for creative ways to serve our mutual customers.


    Our Lease Terms will Make You a Hero

    Our Community Member lease terms are flexible, breakable and scalable. This allows tenants to grow (in some cases, shrink), without having to buy out a lease.


    We Front load Commissions

    For our brokers, we pay big in the first year, with an annualized 15% fee, paid monthly (1.25% per month). For additional years, extensions beyond first year, or expansions, it’s an annualized 6% fee, paid monthly (.5% per month).


    Sign Up and Get to Know Us

    Click to submit our broker partner applications as we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship in service to the business community.


    Become a Partner Broker

    Front-loaded commissions, flexibility for your client, what’s not to like? Sign up, and let’s get this party started.

    Broker Fee

    Term / Fee


    15% (1.25% per month)


    6% (.5% per month)


    Where People and Businesses ThrivE

    MAC6 builds communities where people and businesses thrive. Invite a friend to join, so they can find out what it means to build your company in our growth ecosystem.

    3 Locations
    100+ Businesses
    Up to $1000 Referral Bonus

    Partner With Us

    MAC6 Community Partners include our Community Members, Program Participants, Service Providers and a wide array of Community Member businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

    Not a Good Enough Reason?

    Let us sweeten the deal.

    Any Community Partner who refers a new Community Member to MAC6 gets the following whenever a new Community Member formally joins the MAC6 Community with a 12+ month agreement:

    • New Private Office Suite – $1000
    • New Growth Plus Office Suite – $750
    • New Private Office – $500
    • New Coworking Desk(s) – $250
    • New Flex Desk Coworking – $150
    • New Virtual Office Membership – $50

    They’ll get a discount, too.

    Not only that, but they’ll love you, because we’re gonna give them an automatic 10% savings off published first-year MAC6 community membership.

    Refer a Friend

    Submit your contact info below to refer someone to MAC6.

    Your reward

    Here’s what you get when you refer a friend who signs up for at least a 12-month lease.

    What they sign up for:
    What you get:
    New Private Office Suite $1000
    New Growth Plus Office Suit $750
    New Private Office $500
    New Coworking Desk(s) $250
    New Flex Desk Coworking $150
    New Virtual Office Membership $50

    And it gets better. They’ll also get an automatic 10% rent discount for their first year, so you’ll be doing them a huge favor.

    Our Beliefs

    We believe

    In free enterprise capitalism as the only socio-economic system ever conceived with the power to lift untold billions from poverty.

    We believe

    That true capitalism promotes absolute fairness and limitless opportunity for all, fostering self-reliance, freedom, and happiness worldwide.

    We believe

    That Conscious Capitalism®, a philosophy of capitalism in its most honorable form, is the means to restore society’s faith in the continuing power of capitalism to change the world.

    Give First We seek to provide value, first and always in any relationship.

    Help Others We grow others to grow ourselves.

    Transparency We wear our hearts on our sleeves, offering and seeking candor and genuine relationships.

    Humility We seek to learn from everyone around us, acting with humility as we enter into a world of limitless possibilities.

    Self-Reliance We take responsibility, acting with self-reliance to move forward in any situation.

    Accountability We hold ourselves and others accountable and take responsibility for our mutual commitments.

    Growth-Oriented We operate with a growth-oriented mindset at all times, banishing complacency to the sidelines.

    Competitive Spirit We believe in a world of abundance in which true and honest competition fosters innovation, raising all ships.

    Caring We care about others, about ourselves and about the world in which we live, raising our consciousness to the true expansiveness the world has to offer.

    Balance  We believe in whole humans living balanced lives.

    Sense of Family We are a family, act accordingly.
    Have Fun – We have fun, otherwise, what’s the point?

    Productive Conflict We value alternative viewpoints and are not afraid to share our own.

    Respect We offer and demand respect, seeking value in all relationships and life opportunities.

    Courage We speak softly, but with courage when our viewpoint must be heard.
    Trust – We trust first, sometimes learning from mistakes, always optimistic in an abundant world.

    Vulnerability We are confident in our imperfection, letting others see our true and genuine selves, exponentially growing ourselves and others in the world.

    Continuous Self Improvement We are continuous learners, taking it in, and offering it back out.

    Intellect We believe in a world of abundance, open sourcing our intellect and knowledge.

    Creativity We act with a creative mindset, bringing new ideas to the world, ripe with opportunity.

    Innovative Results We move mountains and the world to a better existence.