Small Bite Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities in 90 Minutes or Less.

Anyone who’s had to make a hiring decision can immediately identify with the anxiety of “the right call.” If that’s you, you’re responsible for finding a candidate who

✚ Clearly understands the role
✚ Fits your company culture
✚ Is passionate about your business and the position
✚ Has the right personality traits and driving forces
✚ Brings the skills and experience that you really need

Daunting? We agree.
The wrong decision could mean team friction, poor performance, tough learning curves, and ultimately…high turnover – costing you thousands.

High Performing Teams

High-Performing Teams

Introduction to High Performing Teams: HPT Practices are built on the five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Parallel Thinking

Parallel Thinking: Learn the Şix Thinking Hats Creative Thinking Methodology.


Entrepreneurial Operating System: An EOS Model 90-Minute Overview

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism 101: Maximize your LONG-TERM Profit (and Impact) through Conscious Capitalism