client feedback

A few words from satisfied clients

As a small family run business, we soon realized, we were outgrowing our knowledge and capabilities to structure the foundation that was going to be needed for our future growth that was certainly coming. I truly do not remember the exact circumstances that brought on Deiter into our lives, but WOW! I’m so glad that it happened. I believe he came in as a financial advisor and to help our finance team set up a higher level of systems to accommodate our growth. Jon was almost immediately welcomed into our family. We shared so many of the same values and ethics in life, that it was like having another family member working with us. Jon has such a wealth of knowledge from his diverse background that he became a sounding board, not only for the finance team, but for all of us. He always listens, then gives his honest answer, whether it’s what we want to hear or not. I can always count on Jon to tell it like it is. That is what has meant the most to us. We always know that Jon will go above and beyond to give his hard thought out and heartfelt genuine answer.


Link Glenn, Caring Connections for Special Needs, LLC

You do awesome work! You help people! Thanks for always lending a helping hand!

Amy Donnel, Wee Care Corp.

When I was first hired at CCSN almost 2 years ago, we were just starting the process of implementation of EOS. Going through this process helped build the structure that we needed to implement in order to grow and continue down the path that we were headed. The Accountability Chart provided a framework to really work on getting the Right People in the Right Seats. Jon Deiter has done a great job of leading us through the implementation of EOS from the Core Mission and Core Values through the implementation of the weekly L-10 meetings to working on using more of the EOS tools from the tool box. I look forward to our weekly Leadership Level 10 meetings. I realize that is an odd thing to say, that I look forward to a meeting. However, with EOS you don’t have “meetings for meetings sake”. The meetings you have are needed and never any longer than 90 minutes each week. Ours typically last about 45 minutes. It is a great check in to make sure we are all still heading in the same direction.

Jon Deiter brings a wealth of knowledge to the process as our EOS Implementer. We did one Quarterly Meeting without him and decided we just weren’t ready to be on our own yet. That outside perspective really keeps us moving and continuing to get rid of any “elephants in the room.” Jon works to truly understand the business and help us implement as pure an EOS process as possible.

If you are considering bringing Jon in to help your company, you shouldn’t hesitate! Jon will do great and EOS is sure to help!”

Shannon Casey, Caring Connections for Special Needs, LLC

Jon has facilitated the EOS process in an easy to understand way. He is able to gauge if the group is understanding a concept to move ahead, or if we need more direction or a reminder to stay focused. With his practical business background, he understands the complexities of managing processes via accountabilities rather than strictly an organizational chart, and he encourages teams to identify and work through issues, not sidestep them.

Bonnie Mendoza, Phoenix Zoo

We implemented the EOS process a couple years ago with our executive team, and while I believe all of the EOS tools are beneficial, transitioning to L10 meetings has been a key factor to our success in achieving our goals and holding us accountable. The L10 meetings have been extended through a majority of our departments and have increased productivity, enhanced communications, and strengthened relationships, most noticeably with teams that had been struggling. What I appreciate most about the EOS process and tools is that they are simple and easy to implement.

Jon Deiter has done an exceptional job helping us implement the EOS process, and he continues to facilitate our quarterly and annual meetings where he leads us through some tough discussions.  He works hard to understand our business and priorities and is thorough in assisting us establish our 90 day Rocks, and our Vision Traction Organizer. Through his professionalism and his knowledge of EOS, our team has a more concerted effort towards achieving our quarterly, annual, and 5 year goals.


Christine Lowery-NunezPhoenix Zoo

The powerful, comprehensive set of tools offered through this program has helped our team be more efficient, cohesive, accountable, organized and has kept us laser focused on our goals as we move our organization forward. I highly recommend EOS to businesses seeking to perform at the highest level.

Norberto J. (Bert) Castro, Arizona Center for Nature Conservation

Jon introduced EOS to us and at first it seemed like another language. It took time to get used to this new language. Jon nurtured us all the way through to where we are today. We refer back to the books, video’s and directly to Jon often and the resources have helped us address the issues and move to solving them. We are setting goals and working toward a solid future. Through the TTI assessment tool the team has been able to gain a new perspective on how to engage the entire team in a more open and respectful way. We are not today, who we were when we started almost a year ago. 

Amy Donnel, Wee Care Corp.