I WILL Success

Thank You For Filling Out Your Commitment!

You have taken a stand! Keep checking back to see what others are committing to contributing to the greater good of the world and will personally, in the next 5 years. Also, don’t forget to share on social media to get your friends and other business leaders involved.

MAC6 exists to help business leaders accomplish these goals and fulfill their business’ purpose. We assess leadership teams and help them put the right people in the right seats, and implement a people-centric operating system to create traction towards a common vision, to change the world!

Are you the CEO of a business that is doing at least $250K annually of top line revenue? Click on the link below to take a 35 minute MAC6 & TTI Success Insights assessment. You will receive a complimentary report detailing your own Behaviors, Motivators, and Professional-Soft-Skills.

MAC6 is researching an initial 1,000 business teams, which you will be a part of. Our aim is to benchmark what successful teams look like. The normal retail price of these assessments is $250 assessment but we are able to offer it at no-cost to qualifying business leaders.