The MAC6 Tools

Using a set of simple tools,
the MAC6 Leadership Academy
increases leadership team performance.

The core tool is the
Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

MAC6 helps entrepreneurs clarify and simplify to achieve their vision by implementing EOS®, The Entrepreneurial Operating System®. EOS® is a complete system with simple tools to help you do three things we call Vision, Traction, and Healthy.
MAC6 is a team of Implementers of EOS®,
a system that will help your leadership team do three things we call:
vision, traction and healthy.

VISION – first getting the leaders of your business 100% on the same page with the vision of your organization: who you are, what you do, where you are going and how you are going to get there.

TRACTION – helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing consistently to do things well and achieve every piece of your vision.

HEALTHY – helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team, because leaders often don’t function well as a team.

The EOS Process™

The main part of the MAC6 proprietary process for developing high performing teams, is outlined below by the EOS Process™, which, exists in one day increments of engagement and typically lasts between 18 months and two years. We intend to implement this process until each business leadership team is at least 80% strong in each of the things listed in the wheel above, (Vision, Data, People, Issues, Process, & Traction).

MAC6 Leadership Academy for High Performing Teams

  • We increase and then leverage Conscious Awareness
  • We improve the performance of Leadership Teams
  • We guarantee success

Next Steps:

Click the button below to assess your business through the EOS Organizational Checkup®. It will measure the health of your organization in six categories, Vision, People, Data, Process, Issues, and Traction.

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