IT Support with a Side of Personality

CompuPartners offers tailored services to small and medium-sized businesses with a level of service that we don’t see in the majority of tech companies. After getting their start here in Phoenix, AZ, founder John Noble and his team have proved their commitment to clients, customizing the IT experience and providing a personalized strategy for the digital world. Bonus: they’re all just really fun to work with.

They’ve worked incredibly hard to become the one-stop-shop that keeps uptimes up and private information…well…private.

Space to Solve Problems

CompuPartners started out in John’s home office. In the company’s infancy, John and his team worked diligently to gain customers and deliver an exceptional experience. Anyone who’s started a business can tell you the first year is the hardest, but they persisted – one POS system at a time.

In the meantime, as anyone who works from home will tell you, John was juggling distractions on a daily basis. It’s hard to focus on clients when your children are competing for attention, the dog whines for food, and your “honey-do” list is ten inches from your face. Plus, with the addition of team members, the home office was starting to feel a bit cramped.

As CompuPartners continued to gain clientele, John started to realize that in order to continue that trajectory of growth, he and his team needed a new environment.

This space and its people has influenced our culture, products and revenue in a positive way. With a dynamic environment, when our needs change, the proper support can be had quickly or instantly.


– John Noble, CompuPartners


It Started with Coworking

The CompuPartners team actually started our relationship in our MAC6 coworking space.

Upon arrival, John only needed two desks to accommodate his company. In a few short months, John and we at MAC6 realized that a private office would be a better fit for his team due to the nature of their work (IT generally means constant phone calls and quite a bit of equipment storage). We offered him one of our suites and he accepted. Leases don’t mean much to us if they’re restricting a business or there’s a better fit available.

John and his team customized their office space to fit every need CompPartners had: they installed a workbench and rented additional storage space with us – complete with custom shelving. Their work was not in vain – revenue consistently increased month over month creating new opportunities for the company.

Hard Work Pays off

Turns out, MAC6 was one of CompuPartners’ greatest assets in gaining profitability. With only two employees, removed from all distraction, the team hustled to meet company goals. Like many startups, CompuPartners initially lacked resources and all the tools necessary to truly gain a competitive advantage, but that did not stop them. In just one short year, CompuPartners saw company revenue spike to just south of $350K! Not only were revenue goals blown out of the water, but little by little, company debts were paid in full. Eventually eliminating them all, CompuPartners was debt free.

Year one in business was just the beginning. CompuPartners continues to work through the trenches and recently celebrated being at MAC6 for three wonderful years. The team has expanded to 5 employees and 4 contractors, company revenue has tripled and debt continues to be non-existent.

When Commercial Space and Community Collide

After moving to their own suite, the team quickly realized a difference in culture. They began to experience the isolation they deeply wanted to avoid. Through many conversations with John, we learned that their team found a lot of value in the social environment of our co-working space – they appreciated the strength of our community and realized they actually needed it be successful. So, in addition to their private office, we were happy to formalize a dual lease with access to desks in our coworking space as well.

In addition to customizing their lease, CompuPartners was also able to participate in Expedition: one of our specialized team programs. Taught by Jen, our COO and Director of Programs, the Expedition helped the company recognize the need for a strong brand foundation and take steps toward building it.

CompuPartners has a played an integral role for MAC6 as well. More specifically, they were able to fix an internet reliability issue for us last year that no other vendor had the time (or care) to fix. We lost coworking space tenants due to this issue, and CompuParters willingly rescued us. The support they have shown us has been mind-blowing and we value them more than we could have imagined.

CompuPartners has defined what it means to be diligent and successful.  We take pride in partnering with them and look forward to celebrating many more victories with them in the future!

Scale Your Business

It’s really hard to scale your business when you’re feeling the constraints of a space that’s either too large (and expensive), or just too small. Our Tempe coworking space is the perfect solution for purpose-driven businesses who are looking for flexibility and a collaborative environment.

Come share resources with the other incredible companies in our community!

We take pride in partnering with them and look forward to celebrating many more victories with them in the future!