For the CEO focused on accelerating growth,
Who understands that it all comes down to people,
And who wants to seize all the advantages talented leaders provide…

When You Look At Your Leadership Team,
What Do You Actually See?

In partnership with TTI Success Insights ®, MAC6 is working to identify the unique team based behaviors, motivators, professional soft skills and other performance characteristics of High Performance Leadership Teams across a wide range of industries and business scale, initially within 1,000 businesses.

Are you the CEO of a High Performing Team? Do you aspire to increase your team performance?

As a participant in the Leadership Team Assessment Initiative we invite you to join our learning community to explore the behavior, motivator and professional soft skill characteristics of High Performing Teams.

Please take the TTI assessment as an initial step, to see the value that will be provided individually to you and each member of your team. After you take the assessment yourself, the next step is a brief application, and then we will send you a link to each member of your leadership team and you will receive all individual and team reports, providing immense value to your business and to the MAC6 initiative to benchmark highly effective and higher performing teams.

Application Requirement

A brief application is required to participate.  To qualify you must be the CEO of a team that is responsible for bottom line (profit or nonprofit) performance of a business with top line annual revenue in the range of $250K to $100M.

Conscious Leaders understand and embrace the Higher Purpose of business and focus on creating value for and harmonizing the interests of the business stakeholders. They recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate Conscious Culture.

The MAC6 Leadership Academy embraces the idea of Conscious Awareness as fundamental to Conscious Leadership. (Learn about why the top 5% of business leaders in the Western World are focused on “Vertical Learning.” We are transforming how leaders think, feel, and make sense of the world; then we leverage conscious awareness to help leadership teams simplify and clarify to achieve their vision.

Conscious Leaders gain a deeper understanding about themselves, their behaviors and the motivational factors that move them to action.

Conscious Leaders gain insight into each other and a new appreciation for what each leader and employee brings to the table.

Conscious Leadership Teams are characterized by an energized flow of ideas. High Performing Teams, with a robust commitment to balancing differences, can capitalize on opportunity.


  • CEO of business or leader of a profit center with $250K to $100M of annual top line revenues
  • Open, honest, vulnerable & growth oriented

I Want To Take The Assessment

Evaluating the performance of your top people, and being able to objectively and accurately quantify their contributions, may be the single most difficult task of leadership.

Before performance can be elevated, it must be evaluated.

This challenge is compounded when you attempt to isolate and measure their contributions, both as individuals and as contributors, to the overall effort of a team.

Performance evaluation is as essential as it is difficult. Thoughtful and effective leaders know full well that no matter what business they’re in, they’re ultimately in the business of people.

Even the CEO who is 100% focused on quantifiable results, and leads from the P&L, knows that performance ultimately comes down to people.

Ask Yourself These 7 Questions
About Your Leadership Team...

Do my direct reports see what I see in terms of the opportunities we have, how these opportunities should be prioritized, and how we should go about turning these opportunities into results?

Am I struggling to explain things, or are the issues I’m focused on readily understood, perhaps even anticipated, by my top people?

Are our conversations collaborative? Do we all contribute ideas, refine and expand them, shape them to address our next objectives and then go off to execute them?

Is the right person cast in the right role?

When I look at my top people not as a group of individuals but as a team, do I see complimentary strengths?

Do these people actually like each other? Is collaboration substantive? Have office politics… even to a minor extent… somehow poisoned the opportunity for these people to perform at their highest possible level?

Where do I see points of individual pride? Do they include Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, a dedication to our culture, and an unwavering commitment to our stakeholders?

Your Objective Is Clear,
But How Clear Is The Ability Of Your People
To Get You There?

When your people speak a common language and draw on common beliefs, the often-elusive benefits of purpose can be unlocked.

Growth accelerates. Because your sense of purpose is understood, embraced, and acted on, delays and distractions are replaced by achievements.

The quantifiable financial performance of the organization improves. Challenges are met with enthusiasm. Proactive behavior becomes the norm, and the teamwork demonstrated by your direct reports expands throughout the organization.

One purpose and one language become the catalysts for performance that give you a sustainable, competitive advantage.

But the purpose of your leaders… and of all your people… is often overlooked and underestimated. It can be easily confused by the goal of “getting everyone on the same page.”

Organizations with an appreciation for the power of purpose, a means of channeling it and speaking a language for sharing it, are more likely to be high performing organizations.

Conscious Capitalism® provides a simple and effective framework for this language. It is built on four tenets:

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3. Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leaders understand & embrace the higher purpose of business and focus on creating value for & harmonizing the interests of business stakeholders. They recognize the integral role of culture & purposefully cultivate conscious culture.

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4. Conscious Culture

This collection of values, principles, and practices live and breathe through the organization – and beyond, to embrace every stakeholder.


Turning Concepts Into Profitable Outcomes

Recognizing these values and beliefs is one thing. Drawing on them to grow a business is altogether different, and is rooted in the core beliefs and behaviors of the individual.

The best way to understand your people.. and to bring much needed objectivity to the process… is to use an assessment.

An assessment tool that is not limited by isolated behaviors, motivations, and competencies.

An assessment that actually integrates each element to give you an entirely different perspective into performance.

The extent to which you can shape the future performance of your organization, and accelerate its growth, is largely determined by your ability to build and nurture a strong leadership team.

A Better Way To
Cast The Right People In the Right Role

There are a number of assessment tools to help you get to know the strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral styles of your people.

You may be familiar with some of them, and perhaps you’ve even taken one yourself.

Here at MAC6, we have spent more than four years evaluating different assessments. Our search has brought us to The TTI TriMetrix® DNA, from TTI Success Insights.

There’s a reason why more than 100,000 companies have used TTI assessments.

For more than 30 years, they’ve been helping organizations such as 3M, Coca-Cola, AT&T, GE, and Mercedes-Benz.

The same value this assessment brings to the most respected firms on the Fortune 500 is available for the rest of us.

Take The Assessment Now
And Judge Its Insights For Yourself

It will take you around 35 minutes to complete the TTI assessment.

There is no fee. MAC6 is making this available at no charge for qualified CEOs. We believe that once you evaluate the TTI TriMetrix® DNA, you will appreciate how it can be used to put the right people in the right seats on your leadership team.

When you take the assessment, there is no obligation. Naturally, your information is secure and held in 100% confidence.


MAC6_HEADSHOT-45340Between 1993 and 2008, my company’s revenues grew from $1 million to $50 million.

What happened at McIntosh Engineering happened because of a leadership team, and to get this team in place it took some work.

Looking back, I could have saved an enormous amount of time, and we probably would have grown even faster, if I had a better process for selecting our leadership teams.

We had five offices in two countries. Our people were very good at their jobs, but at first, they were not very good at communicating or sharing their purpose and passion.

Purpose and passion may seem like “soft” business considerations. I can assure you that hard work on so-called soft issues paid enormous dividends, in a number of ways.

If you’d like to learn more about this challenge we took on, and what we did to remove the artificial limits on our potential, download the white paper…

Accelerating Growth:
Connecting The Language Of Leadership To Exponential Change.

The Ultimate Value Of An Assessment

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If you are reluctant to invest 35 minutes of your time to take The TTI TriMetrix® DNA assessment, I understand.

The thing is, these 35 minutes can give you a collection of insights that can easily save you days, even weeks of time down the road.

All the time searching for a replacement because you need stronger talent for your leadership team… the cost of making a bad hiring decision isn’t just measured in dollars, but in days. The time spent on an issue like this is enormous.

Capturing The Significant Upside

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You’ll see for yourself how accurate the TTI TriMetrix® DNA is. How well it identifies and connects your own behaviors, motivators, and competencies.

I think it’s safe to say this is unlike any other assessment you may have taken, because it blends these three elements together. You don’t get a list… you get insights, the revealing how, why, and what of exceptional performance.

Why am I suggesting that you take the assessment, and what’s in it for us here at MAC6?

First, we are investors. When we evaluate an opportunity, we place a premium, perhaps more than some investors, on the quality of an organization’s leadership team.

Second, we hope that once you take the TTI and appreciate the value of the assessment, you’ll have your direct reports take it.

Third, we are advisors… not your garden-variety advisors, but with a decided preference to work with organizations that embrace Conscious Capitalism®.

Why Conscious Capitalism?

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I don’t want to confuse you, and draw a direct connection between embrace Conscious Capitalism and the TTI TriMetrix®… they’re two different organizations.

But we have found that conscious awareness is an inevitable byproduct of a quality leadership assessment. The more you think about leadership, the more conscious you become of it’s value, the more you realize the role your organization plays in advocating capitalism as a force for good.

And that’s where we come in at MAC6. We’re ardent Conscious Capitalists, and we never stray far from a handful of core beliefs…

We believe…

  • Business is good because it creates value.
  • Business is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange.
  • Business is noble because it can elevate our existence.
  • Business is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity.

I could go on, but the point is this.

Great organizations have great leadership, great leadership takes a team, and great teams aren’t thrown together by accident.

Which brings us back to the reason why I encourage you to invest 35 minutes to take the TTI.

See for yourself.

Identify And Align Your Leadership Team

Because your financial growth is largely defined and determined by the effectiveness of your leadership team, an investment of time and money in building this team is essential.

We tend to look at financial performance in absolutes. This limits both our perspective and our opportunity.

Absolute metrics we often use to forecast profitability typically include:

  • Gross Margin Percentage (GM)
  • Return On Sales (ROS)
  • Other Costs Percentage (OC)
  • Total Asset Turnover (TAT)

The same value we derive from metrics in measuring financial performance can become ways to measure the performance of your leadership team.

The ability to see how to cast the right people in the right roles is a foundation of your financial performance, and a cornerstone of your organization.

Invest just 35 minutes in taking this assessment. See for yourself how it can help you build a leadership team that can accelerate growth right now and for years to come.

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