You expect an office to be equipped with desks, chairs, printers, coffee, and reliable wifi. They’re required to get work done. As Millennials begin to take over the workforce, it takes more than just the essentials—perks are required. The once dreaded office must now be a productive and pleasant place to be. Amenities are king.

Why Amenities?

Amenities are a way for new generations to find purpose and satisfaction at work. Lack of perks can drive new employees away and leave current employees uninspired and unmotivated.

Today, meaningful work trumps a bigger paycheck and the line between work and life is often blurred. We all complete tasks or respond to emails during evenings and weekends. As our personal lives and work intersect, the desire for purposeful work is changing what the “typical” office amenities include.

A major pioneer in unique workplace perks is Google. They’re known for offering amenities that make you never want to leave the office. With perks like free meals, massages, and full-access gyms, you don’t need to leave. And many stay with Google long-term.

Better amenities help attract and retain great talent.

But what do you do if you’re a startup without a Google-sized culture budget?

Amenities Abound In The Mac6 Coworking Space

At Mac6, we know amenities are crucial in helping each of your team members reach their potential. Our space offers incredible amenities so your employees are satisfied as your company grows.

Our members can take full advantage of our on-site, fully-equipped gym open 24-hours, 7-days per week. Whether you workout first thing in the morning, during lunch, after work, or late at night, our gym can accommodate you (showers included).

Regular exercise helps lower stress while boosting productivity, concentration, mood, creativity, memory, and the ability to learn.

There’s more to a great workspace than a gym. We offer all the perks to help boost productivity and work-life balance, including:

  • 24/7 access
  • Laser printer
  • Wireless internet
  • Meeting rooms
  • Large event space
  • Phone rooms
  • Video conferencing
  • Smartboard
  • Cable TV
  • On-site mail pickup
  • Limited storage
  • Kitchen
  • Gym with 24/7 access
  • 2 showers
  • Free fitness classes
  • Podcast room
  • Access-controlled entry
  • Nightly security patrols

What amenities is your team looking for to increases productivity, efficiency, and overall employee satisfaction? We invite you to take a tour of our coworking space and see how Mac6 might work as your new team home. Contact us today.