Utilizing coworking spaces makes sense for all types of small businesses and startups in the current economic environment – especially tech startups.

The same workplace activities you’d do with an open-office layout can be done in coworking spaces. Shared workspaces like MAC6 enable fast and easy collaboration but also let employees plug in and bear down.

There are also a lot of amenities, perks and flexible features that better meet the needs of the average tech startup worker than would a small closet-sized office leased in a mostly vacant office park.

Ideal Layouts for Collaboration

Cubicle walls make sense for some industries and tasks. They eliminate distractions and put each worker in their own little world. That’s not always ideal when you’ve collected a group of specialized professionals with the intent to leverage each’s unique skillset towards one specific developmental goal.

MAC6 has two large open coworking spaces and roughly a dozen meeting rooms of various sizes and layouts. There are delineated and specialized areas within those larger open coworking spaces equipped with things like whiteboards or circular seating that allow for informal, fast and seamless exchanges of ideas. It’s easy to transition from focused solo work to bursts of collaboration before going back to independent work.

Tech startups could independently replicate an environment that’s conducive to this type of fluid transition from independent work to collaboration on their own dime, but the investment can be significant. Chances are you’d rather invest your dollars into great team members or IP development than commercial space.

Shared workspaces like MAC6 in Tempe gives your team access to workplace formats designed to promote the type of workflow you want to encourage for a fraction of what you’d pay for a commercial lease.

Amenities Tech Startup Workers Expect

Most people are familiar with the type of laid back “fun” environments popularized by Facebook and Google campuses or TV shows like Silicon Valley. Who doesn’t want to work in an office with:

  • Kitchens
  • Snacks
  • Cold brew machines
  • Lots of coffee pods
  • Catered food brought in weekly
  • Ice machines
  • Fancy filtered water machines
  • Fully equipped gyms with a personal trainer
  • Podcasting equipment

The only problem is those things aren’t exactly cheap. A tech startup could significantly shorten their runway matching the amenities available at MAC6.

You can give your elite tech startup team that work environment for about $130 a month per employee at MAC6’s coworking space in Tempe.

Is Your Team’s Best Work Done After Hours?

Insurance claims adjusters, accountants, marketers, educators and most other professionals work nine to five jobs by necessity. They must work when the people they serve are up and going about their lives.

Workers in many tech fields often don’t have to work nine to five. Many startup workers are developing something new and don’t necessarily have to meet with clients during normal business hours – at least not all the time. Some tech workers may even gravitate to the field because it enables their night-owl lifestyles.

Shared workspaces like MAC6 can be great for those workers. The coworking spaces are open 24/7 and doors are locked with keycards after normal business hours.

Does your team start in the afternoon and works until one or two in the morning? Not a problem at MAC6 – your team members can do so with security and access to all the great amenities they’d have during the day.

Making a Good Impression

You can feel confident inviting prospective buyers or clients to meetings at MAC6. The grounds are nicely manicured with regular landscaping, the offices are clean and orderly thanks to daily cleaning and maintenance crews, and the meeting and conference rooms are equipped with all the technology you need to project presentations and make a great impression.

MAC6 also exudes the kind of startup collaboration atmosphere your clients will expect to see when they visit a tech startup workplace.

See for Yourself Why MAC6 is Tempe’s Ideal Tech Startup Home

If you think all of this for $130 per employee sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you.

Words are cheap – you’ll of course want to see if everything we say is true for yourself before committing.

We encourage any entrepreneur or SMB owner looking for office space to schedule a tour or stop by and visit MAC6’s Tempe campus. We’ll walk you through the shared workspaces and common areas, show you the available suites and offices if you’re interested in more privacy and explain how our amenities work.

We’d also like the chance to tell you about some of our weekly events, regularly invited speakers and the potential collaboration opportunities you could have with other companies that call MAC6’s Tempe coworking spaces home.

Call us at (602) 837-2664 to schedule a tour or to learn more about our coworking options.