What excuses do you have for not working in a coworking space?

Too many people? Too distracting? Doesn’t fit with your line of work? There are a lot of excuses out there, and we’re here to debunk the top 5 myths that a coworking space won’t work.

It’s time to get out of your cramped home office or loud coffee shop and into a productive space that works for you.  

1. “In A Coworking Space, You MUST be Social ALL of the Time”

Yes, the Mac6 coworking space provides a social environment and is a great place for those tired of working alone at home or in coffee shops. It’s a great platform for collaboration, but only when it works for you and your schedule. Your boundaries will be respected at all times. Introverts, rejoice!

But remember, you get out what you put in.

If you want to chat with every member in the space, you can.

If you only want to use the space to get work done, you can.

The option and experience are up to you. Most members see the social aspect as a perk, not a requirement. Your business can benefit from collaboration, networking, and partnering opportunities provided by being part of a coworking community. We promise you’ll love it.

2. “Co-Working Spaces Are Only for Entrepreneurs in Certain Niches”

When you think of a coworking space and picture a tech entrepreneur who’s coded for 24 hours straight, powered by energy drinks and cold pizza, you might be buying into the coworking space myth.

Sure, technologist and creatives tend to dominate coworking environments, but that doesn’t mean all coworking members fit this mold. Our members are makers in industries like environmental education, travel, radio, and e-commerce to name a few.

Working alongside people from different niches can provide a fresh perspective. Even huge companies like Microsoft and IBM are moving employees in certain locations into open coworking spaces. Why? They see the value in collaboration and flexibility, and the cost-saving aspect can’t be ignored.

3. “Co-Working Spaces Are Only for Office Jobs”

Traditionally, coworking spaces are designed for those in office-type jobs. But today, this isn’t the only way people use coworking spaces.

At Mac6, we saw the need for dedicated manufacturing spaces for startups. They needed to move product production out of their houses and into a dedicated space. Enter, co-manufacturing spaces.

Unlike coworking spaces, co-manufacturing spaces have a completely different set of needs and requirements. It’s about having the right equipment, space, and materials without breaking the bank. From toxin-free cleaning products to recycled wine glasses, our diverse makers are equipped with the tools to help their companies grow.

4. “My Team is Too Unique for a Coworking Space”

Flexibility is built into Mac6’s shared workspaces.

Is your company forecasted to scale 100% in the next six months? Great! We will work with you to find the right office for you now and will adjust as you grow into the next stage.

Has your company grown considerably and you now need operational help? Our proven programs can help your company realize and reach its full potential.

One coworking member, Jake Pfeiffer founder of EXP Trips states, “As we grew, not only did our space in Mac6 grow easily, our relationship with them did as well. I can’t recommend Mac6 enough for any entrepreneur looking to do the unexpected, and to have a home base that scales as quickly as they do.”

5. “It’s Not Worth Adding a Commute To Get To A Co-Working Space.”

Studies show people want shorter commutes: fifteen minutes is the commuting sweet spot. Mac6 is centrally located off the 10 freeway in Tempe, Arizona—central to surrounding neighborhoods. Shorter commutes lead to higher job satisfaction and a better work-life balance. We’re placed right where you need us.

Now that the top 5 coworking spaces myths are busted, are you ready to join our community?

At Mac6, we’re all about supporting good business, and over the years we’ve recognized that the right workspace can be the difference between success and failure for growth-minded businesses. We offer different options to meet your professional needs. Whether you need a desk or a private office, we can accommodate you and your business growth. Reach out to us for more information.