Thank you all for following along with the MAC6 ‘business journey’ over the last three posts. I’ve loved hearing your feedback and support as we enter this new season of growth.

With the changes we’ve been announcing lately, I’ve had people ask me, “So what’s next for you guys? What’s your ten-year plan?”

The truest answer to that question is simply, “We don’t fully know.”

We’re now at a place where we’ve defined our business model and our team is firing on all cylinders. We’re working to implement all the goals and aspirations we’ve already set, and continue refining our processes.

That said, I could give you a clearer idea of where we’re heading as we near the end of 2017, or even tomorrow probably, as every day continues to bring more traction and clarity.

The 10-Year Vision

Two years ago, we targeted to have most of our culture-focused leadership development programs completed by companies inside our spaces. We’ve realized that we can provide so much more value. Now, we’re working with companies throughout Arizona and watching as they gain velocity and higher performance (from bandwidth to profit-margin) from our programs.

We will continue to work with more companies, both inside of our spaces and out.

For Spaces

We don’t consider ourselves a real estate company in the traditional sense. – we’re passionate about building better communities. So, what does it mean to have community?

It’s more than having desk space to rent.

It’s different companies and people working together – where those people have a sense of place. Community is where every employee at every company feels supported, and where leadership teams have the resources and connections they need to break through ceilings. Community is where work life balance is a thing of the past, in favor of work life integration. Where you have a place to live your whole life and do your best work, work you love, surrounded and supported by others doing the same.

We know that real estate is still about “location, location, location”, but we’re seeing that when tenants come for the location, they stay for the community that we’ve worked to foster in our spaces. So, with that said, we’re looking to add between one and three new spaces in the next three years. Additionally, we’re exploring a new business offering for on-site property management as a service that would allow us to build communities for other commercial property owners.

For Programs

Pertaining to our programs, we will continue to work with Arizona businesses in order to create higher-performing teams and tighter-knit organizations.

Really, we’ve set out to create a world in which everyone is living their purpose and feels fulfilled at work. We’ve done years of research, and we’re just in the beginning stages of the opportunity to share what we’ve learned. In time, we will explore working with a group of facilitators to widen our capacity for teaching. Right now, we’re not sure what exactly that looks like – we’re just continuing to work on curriculums that are incredibly valuable, no matter who’s teaching them.

The Near(er) Future

Look out for our next big undertaking, which will begin telling success stories of GREAT businesses.

There’s something inspirational about hearing where entrepreneurs came from and where they are now. Not only that, but we love hearing why it matters, and not JUST for the monetary gain. What value did they provide for their employees, partners, customers, and community?

Speaking of business as a force for good, people have asked me if we still operate as an investment company. The answer is yes. We’ve chosen to almost exclusively invest in companies that are working in one of our spaces – great companies doing great things. At its core, capitalism is a force for good in the world, and we do business with people who make their own way and create great opportunities for their people. Look for stories of these awesome Arizona companies, coming soon.

Team Transition

This year, we’re undergoing some significant changes on our own leadership team. As many of you know, my dad, Scott McIntosh, and I started MAC6 together. This year, he is moving out of the day-to-day operations of the company. He’ll always be involved at an ownership level, and I’m more grateful than I can say for his foresight, hard work, and commitment to this company.

MAC6 has an incredible launching point for success and I’m looking forward to growing our team and doing what we all set out to do.

Family is MAC6’s DNA. We’re family-run and family-owned (myself, sister, mom, dad, and grandma share ownership of the company). I want to continue cultivating a culture where every member of our team feels like they’re a part of that MAC6 family – whether or not they’re related by blood. Everyone has a voice, and everyone is involved.

I’m excited for our future.

Every time I sign a single desk in our coworking space…I get excited.

I’m excited that I have the opportunity to become a mouthpiece for companies doing amazing things.

I’m excited to be surrounded by a team with whom I would charge into battle.

Look to the Future

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Lastly, we love feedback and conversations. If you agree or disagree, want to discuss, hear more about, etc… our plans, we love that – let’s talk about it!

Until next time,