Joe started his own business two years ago when he designed software that has the potential to change the healthcare industry. His driving goals for 2018 are to increase sales by 50% and penetrate two new healthcare networks. Yes, that’s ambitious, but so is Joe. 2018 is his year to focus and increase productivity in order to succeed and take his business to new heights.

Joe’s current working space is a home office. Since he doesn’t have a team, working from home seemed like the obvious choice at first. But he’s run into a few unforeseen issues with his current work situation.

When Home is a Roadblock

Family can be distracting. Joe is a family man, but the constant knocks on his office door and “quick” requests for help when he walks to get another cup of coffee hinder his productivity. Short, 30-minute sprints of focused work before getting interrupted just isn’t cutting it.

Professionalism is lacking. Joe’s reputation is very important to him and is key to growing his business. Unfortunately, the background noise at home is constant. Joe has become nervous to schedule meetings or phone calls with potential clients. The noise is embarrassing, but it’s not realistic to ask his young family to whisper the entire day. Plus, it’s sort of weird to pitch your product ten feet from your bedroom.

Work-life balance is blurred. Joe is either working too much or not enough. Most days, he works well into the night and misses evening family time because the distractions throughout the day keep him from finishing his todo list. Other days, he smells dinner cooking or hears the kids having fun and stops working an hour earlier than he should. He’s having trouble finding the right balance between working hard and keeping his family a priority.

Coworking May be a Better Option

If you’re like Joe, it might be time to find a work space outside the home. These statistics speak for themselves:

  • 64% of professionals who work from a coworking space are better able to complete tasks on time.
  • 68% said they were able to focus better in a coworking space instead of at home.
  • 60% are more relaxed at home since coworking.
  • 50% report higher incomes.

There you have it. Getting out of the house and into a coworking space will increase your productivity, efficiency, professionalism, and work/life balance.

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