Arizona’s booming economy is the ideal location for many entrepreneurs seeking to build their startup companies. Professionals are flocking to the Grand Canyon State to work with innovative startups that offer the freedom to grow their careers and hone their skills in a close-knit environment.

We’ll be highlighting just a few of the top best tech startups in Arizona that are paving the way in their respective industries in innovation, leadership, and customer experience.

Best Tech Startups in Arizona

Though the list could go on extensively, we’ve chosen a few unique startups to highlight today. Read to learn more about some of these top startups in Arizona.


Calling all property owners — SmartRent has the perfect technology for you! This tech startup in Arizona features advanced smart home automation technology that allows property owners to manage daily operations in one central hub. This software can cover anything from parking management to community-wide Wi-Fi access. They also offer smart technology, such as security cameras, locks, and light switch dimmers.

This startup company has big dreams for the future, as discovered during an interview with Authority Magazine. CEO Lucas Haldeman states, “One key burgeoning trend I have my eye on is full-fledged smart communities: bringing the luxuries and benefits of a fully-connected smart home to the 43 million renters in the country traditionally excluded from utilization.”

For more information, visit SmartRent.


With Saasable, spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Manage your client’s finances in one shareable, easy-to-manage platform. Saasable’s technology is able to organize and handle recurring revenue, such as monthly subscriptions, tiered pricing, and more. Save valuable time and offer more in-depth services for your clients with their customizable platform.

For more information, visit Saasable

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With the ever-changing technological revolution happening in the world, it’s no surprise that communication is evolving. At FrontSpin, the focus is on sales communication, particularly using cloud-based systems. Engage more efficiently with customers to increase sales and close deals at a quicker rate. This innovative startup is all about finding new ways to drive customer satisfaction using streamlined software solutions.

For more information, visit FrontSpin.

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Remembering to change your passwords to reduce the risk of stolen information is a hassle that many people dread to add to their to-do list. It can become confusing having to remember so many different passwords. Trusona is here to help eliminate the risk and keep your information securely password protected. With their advanced identity authentication system, you can rest assured that your accounts are securely protected.

Check out CEO Ori Eisen’s No Passwords Manifesto to learn more about the startup’s goal of eliminating the need for passwords altogether.

For more information, visit Trusona.


Non-profit organizations will love the technological solutions that Virtuous provides. This startup company in Arizona is focused on designing a remarkable platform that nonprofits can use to facilitate closer relationships with donors. With this platform, nonprofits are able to handle their marketing needs, receive accurate reports on progress, automate their donation processes, and more.

Join leading non-profit organizations in improving donor relations and providing endless support to the surrounding community.

For more information, visit Virtuous.


We’ve all felt the frustration that comes with trying to make a phone call and being told you have no cell service. Well, GenXComm decided enough was enough. This startup in Arizona utilizes cellular mesh to solve the wireless connectivity issues that many individuals face. With their state-of-the-art technology, cellular networks can have more control over their connectivity.

When discussing the integration of this technology into agriculture, CEO Dr. Sriram Vishwanath said, “The opportunity to “leapfrog” over the digital divide is real – providing cutting edge public and private 5G technology.”

For more information, visit GenXComm.

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Ever wanted real-time information about the happenings in the real estate industry? Well, with this startup in Arizona, you’ll have access to the latest sales and listings as they occur. Vizzda, a play on the “visual data,” provides accurate information about commercial sales, listings, and projects so you can manage information in one easy-to-use location. Access contact information easily and stay up-to-date on the market.

For more information, visit Vizzda.

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Figuring out how to pay for higher education is a challenge many students face. CampusLogic was created to combat this financial obstacle and offer financial resources for students right at their fingertips. With CampusLogic, students are able to access financial documentation and information on their mobile phones. Students receive personable approaches to their financial situations that will guide them through the journey of higher education payment.

This startup in Arizona was recently named a Fastest-Growing Company by Inc. 5000 for the fifth year in a row. When discussing this monumental success, CampusLogic President and COO Chris Chumley said, “For a decade, we’ve been helping schools achieve their missions by reimagining the financial aid process… Five times on the Inc. 5000 is a win for every student seeking a degree. This list is also a reminder of the progressive institutions who partner with us to remove financial friction from the student experience.”

For more information, visit CampusLogic.

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