The gig economy and the rise of remote work setups have highlighted the value of a shared workspace in providing a semblance of a professional environment. While many enjoy working at home in pajamas, people do sometimes miss being in a location that’s set up for productivity. Startups and small businesses also find that a shared office space is more cost-efficient and practical as they don’t have to be concerned about its upkeep.

But what is a shared workspace, really, and how is it different from a shared office space and collaborative workspace? Let’s break definitions down and talk about finding the ideal shared workspace in Arizona.

What is a Shared Workspace?

Before we focus on shared workspaces and how they work, let’s discuss the different terms typically used — and confused — to refer to this type of professional environment. What is the difference between a shared workspace, a collaborative workspace, and a shared office space?

Shared workspace (or coworking space)

This is a location that’s shared by many people for different purposes at different times. They don’t have to be working for the same company or even know each other, like freelancers and independent contractors or individuals who are part of a virtual office and need a nice and quiet place to work. When users leave, their workstations will be occupied by somebody else. Most shared workspaces are rented out hourly, by the day, or a fixed period.

Shared office space

Shared offices are designed for small companies and startups that do not need a permanent location and want to keep costs down. The space is rented out for a specific period and is outfitted to suit their team’s needs. A shared office space can exist within a site that also hosts coworking spaces, only that the renters will have a separate area or room that’s exclusive for their use.

Collaborative workspace

This is for companies that have their own real estate. A collaborative workspace is the same as a traditional office environment where the owners can do with the site as they see fit and workers have a permanent office.

Now that we’ve hashed terms out, let’s dive into shared workspaces or coworking spaces and their benefits.

How Does a Shared Workspace Work?

A coworking space can have several shared workspaces and shared office spaces under one roof. It provides a professional “home” for individual workers who are connected to one or several clients or employers. It also offers small businesses a chance to stay lean while still offering a professional and dynamic atmosphere that drives productivity.

Regardless of where you’re looking for a shared workspace — in Tempe or anywhere else in Arizona or the U.S. — the concept is the same. Individual users or small teams pay either by the hour or the day to use a specific desk space or room. When they leave the premises, their personal equipment goes with them and somebody else takes over.

Some coworking space providers offer extra perks like unlimited coffee (and even snacks), high-speed internet, and scanning and printing facilities. Discounted rates are also given to those who rent by the month or several months at a time. Monthly rates are beneficial for startups or teams that might need a dedicated space to keep their office resources.

Tempe-based coworking space MAC6 goes beyond the usual perks by also conducting regular social events and educational seminars for those interested in upskilling. Through its Leadership Academy, individual customers and teams can sign up for free programs scheduled periodically or collaborate with MAC6 itself to host educational and networking activities.

How to Find the Best Shared Workspace Near Me

A quick Google search of “best shared workspace in Arizona” or wherever you are located will yield the coworking spaces nearest you. You can read reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations, as well.

In Tempe, MAC6 leads the pack by providing its customers more than the typical fancy perks but also with opportunities to enhance their skills and grow professionally. For teams, MAC6 offers desk workspaces for 10 to 75 employees, growth workspaces for five to 25 staff, and private workspaces for those who need exclusivity. It also hosts virtual offices for companies looking to establish a professional image and a dedicated address to receive mail without paying for a desk.

More than its great location and impressive facilities, its people-focused leadership and wellness programs are high-value add-ons that aren’t typically offered elsewhere.

Contact MAC6 to learn more about its coworking, enterprise, and manufacturing solutions, or schedule a tour.