There’s a lot of business scaling going on in 2020 – for everyone from small business to large businesses. Many SMBs had to rapidly reduce their workforce in March and April, were forced to break leases and even had to wind down significant parts of their operations.

Amazon, on the other hand, had to scale up in extraordinary fashion, going from 840,000 full- and part-time workers on March 31, 2020 to 935,000 employees by April 30, 2020.

Mere months later, many of those same businesses had a lot of their customers or clients reaching out again ready to pick up where things left off.

The realities of scaling back up now that things are incrementally returning to some kind of new normal has posed a unique challenge to SMBs: they need the flexibility to add labor fast but they also need a flexible solution in case economic realities change suddenly again. Coworking spaces like MAC6 in Tempe are a perfect solution for this exact scenario.

The Costs of Adding Employees

There’s more than just labor costs or benefit packages involved when you’re adding to your workforce. Your employees may need a place to work – preferably one that’s clean, safe and has amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, purified water machines and high-speed internet.

Businesses can replicate that type of environment in any number of commercial buildings in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa or anywhere else in the Valley by signing an expensive commercial lease.

In Tempe, the average cost per square foot for office space is $34/month. For the lowest tier internet/voice manager package you’re looking at probably $100 a month. If you want to give your employees amenities like a kitchen or water machines, you’ll have to purchase a fridge and some kind of contract with a water delivery service. You’ll need to buy snacks and drinks. Some commercial buildings may offer access to a gym, but chances are that’s not in the cards for most SMBs.

The bottom line is all of that stuff is expensive and it takes time to set up. Commercial contracts usually lock business owners into a lease that could be painful to break should economic situations or your business’s demand suddenly change again.

The Cost of Adding Employees Working Out of MAC6’s Shared Office Space in Tempe

$129 a month.

That’s really it. Your employees will have access to a slew of amenities (including an onsite gym with a trainer) and great high-speed internet for that low monthly fee. Adding new employees is as easy as firing off an email to our friendly, helpful onsite property managers.

Coworking spaces can make one of the most complex and expensive aspects of scaling your business one of the simplest and most affordable.

The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

If you read through our blogs, you’ll already find a lot of posts about the amenities available to tenants, so we don’t necessarily need to go through the whole list again. It’s easy to focus on the obvious benefits of working in an amenities-laden office.

The not-as-obvious perk of MAC6 and other coworking spaces is the environment of collaboration.

Working at home isn’t great for every worker. Even employees who are equally productive at home as they are in an office still suffer some of the negative consequences of isolation. Humans are social animals, and it’s good for morale when workers aren’t constantly alone.

People in coworking spaces are also exposed to a diverse group of people with unique ideas. Someone sitting three desks away may work in an entirely different industry but could provide some type of input or spark that gets you thinking on a new, productive track.

More Than Just Desks

If you go from needing a single desk in our coworking space to needing room for 10 workers, it’s easy to upgrade to an Enterprise Solution office on our Tempe campus. Businesses using an Enterprise Solution still get access to all the shared spaces and amenities but also have their own office suites in MAC6. If you want to be closer to your team or you bring in management who need their own office, you can rent a Privacy+ office.

Find Out How Easy It Can Be to Scale With Coworking in Tempe

The mission of MAC6 is to help local businesses thrive. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has made that difficult for some businesses, but many are beginning to come back and need an affordable way to expand that isn’t overly risky.

Coworking spaces, like those available through MAC6, are an affordable, low-risk but high-quality solution for scaling your business at a rate and price point dictated by you. Contact us at (602) 837-2664 to book a tour of MAC6 today. We’d be more than happy to show you how MAC6 can be a great partner for scaling your busines.