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Measurement Transforms Teams

Without measurement, distraction can steal time, attention and resources. The right kinds of measurement can activate employees, giving them clear direction for growth and potentially changing the organization. Without Measurement, People Get Confused You don’t want...

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What Amenities Does Your Makerspace Need?

Makerspaces (we call them co-manufacturing spaces) are locations where companies share physical workspace as they produce and manufacture tangible goods. They aren’t your typical coworking spaces. Makerspaces need more than standard office equipment such as a desk,...

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How Trust Fuels Initiative

Employee initiative benefits everyone. If you choose to give trust to your employees, your employees will pay you back in initiative, and they’ll do it with interest. Let’s talk about the relationship between trust and initiative and how to make it work. Think for a...

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Tours & Taco Tuesday

What's better than Taco Tuesday?? Tours AND tacos, of course! Join us October 30th from 11am - 2pm to tour our cool spaces, including our most recent acquistion, and enjoy a taco or two! This is a great opportunity to check out all that we have to offer and to meet...

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Can You Grow (Culture) in a Shared Space?

Spotify. Instagram. Uber. What do they have in common? They’re are incredibly successful multi-million dollar companies. What you may not know is that all three got their start in coworking spaces. In fact, we were fortunate to have Uber’s (and Lyft’s) Phoenix...

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You’re Invited to the MAC6 Spooky Fall Festival!

Join us Wednesday, October 31st from 10am - 2pm for a fun filled fall festival celebrating our local community! The festival will include: Community Market - A special market that will showcase some of the awesome companies inside our spaces (hint, hint you could find...

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Growing Better Together | The Maker Culture

Makers make the world. Pinterest provides a platform for DIY discovery. Etsy allows makers to craft handmade goods from their living room and sell them to the world. Kickstarter promotes collaboration and allows virtually any idea to get funded, assuming people see...

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