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Why There’s Tension in Your Office

Work is a huge source of stress and tension in the U.S. according to the American Psychological Association. When you feel overworked, have a bad boss, or experience tension between co-workers, it’s expected that tension is going to mount. No business owners WANT...

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When is it Time to Fire an Employee?

Hiring is hard, but firing can be even harder. There are situations when it’s obvious that someone needs go - harassment, abuse, illegal activity, etc. Those are HR nightmares and clearly fireable offenses. I want to discuss times when employees only partially fit...

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When is Conflict Productive?

That’s not a typo in the title. There is such a thing as productive conflict. Conflict doesn't have to be hurtful or damaging. We’re not often led to believe it, but it’s true. In business, the word ‘conflict’ is often synonymous with ‘fight.’ Let’s say you’re on a...

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Why Class A in Arizona May Not Be the Best Fit

Among other things, the rise of the distributed workforce gives me pause as someone who invests time and money in commercial real estate. Don’t get me wrong; there will always be a need for companies to have a physical base of operation. I’m not worried about the...

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Collaboration Makes for Better Business

I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of businesses pop up in our shared spaces recently. It doesn’t matter if they’re a B2B media company operating out of our coworking space or a B2C consumer product company setting up shop in our co-manufacturing space. I’ve...

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How to Hire for Culture Fit

Of all the things people debate in business, no one argues that turnover is costly. Although quantifying the cost is tricky, research conservatively puts the replacement costs alone at roughly 20% of the departed employee’s salary. That doesn’t include lost...

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy in a Shared Workspace

Fitness trends are everywhere. And, ways to maintain your six pack while at work are popping up left and right. I’m not going to hop on that bandwagon here. What I want to talk about is staying healthy from a more holistic standpoint, especially as it relates to...

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3 Misconceptions of Active Listening

The technique of active listening isn’t a new one. It has been around since 1957 and even then, it was clear that this practice was much more involved than simply lending an ear to someone. It was more than just hearing the person speaking to you. Any yet, so many...

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